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Sub Rogue Need Help

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Hey guys,

Thanks in advance for any insights you guys can provide. I recently joined a raid group and we cleared Heroic EN (Logs below). The raid leader mentioned that my dps is low for my ilvl and I agree. I think it is because I do not have Demon's Kiss and Precision Strike and I let her know that, but I wanted to get some feedback to ensure that will fix my problem. For my rotation I am doing my best to keep Nightblade up and pool energy before shadowdance. I also try to Evi at 5 points instead of 6 to accelerate my finishers. I am usually getting 4 strikes in unless I need to refresh SoD. Shaodowcraft tells me Mastery is the way to go right now, but is there a cap for us sub rogues?  I will post armory as well, thanks again guys!! My name is Chrispycrit in the logs. 






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Hey dude,

I'm a recently-converted Sub rogue, so I will give some high-level comments to get a discussion going.

First, your Nightblade uptime has significant room for improvement.  You're shooting for 100% or as close as you can get.  For Xavius, that means make sure you put a fresh one on the big guy when you expect you will be switching to adds; keep track of your NB timer through focus windows or unit frame auras and pop back to refresh when necessary.

Second, don't let Symbol fall off if you can help it.  You had high uptime, but that's another one that should be at 100% ideally.  It could've been higher.

Third, some inquiries: How much energy do you pool before backstabbing?  How much before shadow dancing?  Did you blow all your CDs during dream and again on exit?  Did you pre-pot (it looks like you did, but just checking)?

You already mentioned you know you're missing some key artifact nodes, and yes they will be significant.

You did 3 shadow strikes per shadow dance on average, which is fine for a stratagem/no-boots rogue.  Shadow dance uptime was right around 33% which seems on the low end of fine (but more or less fine).

Gear itemization seems more or less fine; a little less crit strike and a little more versatility might not be a bad idea, but not game-changing.

Sub is a spec with its share of RNG, mainly in the form of shadow techniques and energetic stabbing procs.  That will cause some variance.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for taking a look!

I agree that my biggest area of improvement is in Nightblade uptime. I find myself pushing for more Eviscerates when I should be paying more attention to Nightblade. I am half way into the last point of Demon's Kiss now as well. I will post some logs showing improved uptime on NB with Demon's Kiss maxed out to see what it does for my dps.

With energy pooling I try to be at about 70 for Shadowdance to take advantage of the 30 granted from entering it. I feel more awkward with backstab though, I feel like I try to never cap over 100, but I do keep it pretty full to be ready for SD. Sometimes I find myself with 20+ seconds left on SD and no vanish so I try to push finishers out to get back into SD. I am prepotting and repotting for these as well.

I also strive to use up combo points before SD so I can start fresh. I also want to try out a macro that casts SoD with shadowstrike. I think it would be beneficial assuming I am not going to over cap combo points. Something like

showtooltip# Symbols of Death

/cast Symbols of Death

/cast Shadowstrike

I am really looking forward to see what Demon's Kiss and 90%+ uptime on NB does for my dps. I should be able to post some logs later this week. Thanks again!

Chris P.

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Cool, let us know!

Also, to comment again on Backstab, try to pool 55-60 energy before using it between Shadow Dance sessions so that you can immediately finish on the next GCD and minimize your chance to waste a Shadow Techniques proc at 6cp.

Another thing I am trying to remember to do is toss a Backstab or FoK (i have the legendary cloak) between shadow dances if I am energy capped to make sure I don't waste that energy bump and end up with at least 5cp after 2 shadowstrikes for a more powerful finisher.

Apologies if some/all of this is stuff you already know; I am just kind of brain dumping here (and also seeking a little validation of the things I do myself!)

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