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Holy Paladin Help - Struggling with Myth 8 or higher

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Hey folks - quite new to WoW, started with Legion. I'm having a lot of trouble in Mythic+ beyond 7/8 and find myself in panic mode, running low on mana, for essentially the whole run. 870 ilvl, but I feel like I'm having as much trouble as I did at 840. I also feel like Shaman/Druid have a much easier time, so I'm wondering if I'm hitting the natural cap of Holy in 5-man, or if there is more I could change.

I'm using what I feel is  pretty standard rotation, keeping Holy Shock on Cooldown, using Flash of Light otherwise, Holy Light if the damage is low. I keep Beacon of Virtue on the tank, stand in melee range (I'm hitting with autos, usually), use Aura Mastery and Avenging Wrath for Burst, run Tyr's Deliverance and Light of Dawn for continuous AE (Hyrja in HoV, Draesareon in DHT, etc). I try to keep Bestow Faith on the tank, and often use it with Beacon of Virtue to trigger a top-off heal between pulls, if it's up.

But still, in 8+, especially this week with Skittering, I'm usually almost OOM after 3 or 4 minutes and try to spam mage fritters or drinks between fights to keep it up. I know I can't just use Holy Light more frequently, as I've caused wipes a few times switching down to it. I also use Ancient Mana Potions in fights and run Draenic Flask + Holy Magister.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/scilla/Antonymic/advanced

As of posting, it's a bit out of date - I'm using an 860 Naglfar Fare instead of the Arcanocrystal, which puts me at 42/8/27/5 for Crit, Haste, Mastery, Vers.

Thoughts? Gear swaps, or instances I should run to get them? Or am I just maxxing out Holy Paladin 5-man healing? I feel like my druid and shaman compatriots at ~870 ilvl can do +9/+10/+11 a lot easier.

Here's a recent parse from +8 Maw with Skittering + Bolstering, which I feel like causes me to overheal a lot more with the aggro jumping to DPS frequently. And a +7 BRH final boss.



2016-11-19 23_45_54-World of Warcraft.png


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While I am in no way a certified expert at Holy Paladin, I want to offer some insight about what works for me. I'm using Light of the Martyr (LotM) as my standard heal while I keep Bestow Faith up on myself rather than the tank. LotM is a strong heal with a low mana cost, making it really efficient. The trade-off is that you're damaging yourself while using it of course, although you should be able to keep yourself topped up with Bestow Faith and an occasional Flash of Light or Holy Shock. Using Divine Protection pretty much on cooldown is a given as well, it does reduce the amount of damage you take from LotM. When you use Divine Shield, you can just spam LotM as much as possible. Also, I'm using Holy Avenger instead of Holy Prism. I feel like that has been a huge upgrade considering the relatively low CD on it.

It's an interesting addition to the playstyle, balancing your HP with your mana. Are you in no immediate danger of dying? Keep using LotM. Going down in danger territory? Switch to Flash of Light. I can only recommend you try it a couple of times, get a feel for it. For me it's been night and day, been heroic raiding, topping raid HPS chart without even worrying about going OOM.

Good luck and have fun!

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Read your post and checked your armory. Compared it to my own (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Senshuken/simple):

- Your intellect seems a little bit on the low side. You should look for that stat first in all your upgrades. Atm you say you run 2 trinkets without intellect and i would advise you to ditch  Naglfar Fare asap. The Arcanocrystal is a LOT better. Even a worldquest trinket with int + crit/vers/mastery should even at 830 ilvl be a lot better.

- From M7 and higher i always use Holy Avenger. It almost allows me to use a CD on every trash pack.

- Do note that Beacon of Virtue costs a lot more mana to use. If i use it i also have to drink more frequent. I would advise you to not use it as your 'go to' talent. You should choose the beacon based on the affixes. I.e. if the the tank takes increased damage than use Beacon of the Lightbringer.

- I would strongly advise you to use logs and the spreadsheet 'the light and how to swing it'. Logs give you an in depth look in where you did what and therefor gives clear feedback on where to improve on in terms of your gameplay. The spreadsheet let's you make calculated moves on what gear to use/swap. Check out this awesome work from Dreamguard: https://sacredshielding.wordpress.com/.




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