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Legendary Ring "Anger of half giants" questions

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Hello guys, I got my second legendary this week. The fury generating ring. 

I spent most of the time doing LFR to get used to it and see what would change. But I found myself just trying to not cap fury and it did not work.

No matter how much chaos strike I spammed I "wasted" over 400 fury per fight. Also lowering my uptime of Momentum, and the damage of bloodlet sinked.

Any one out there has had the ring for a long time? What is your rotation like now that you have fury at all times to spend?

My next experiment will be to just keep momentum up as much as possible and spam chaos strike, only using throw glaive when not able to melee the boss. I don't think it will work in ST fights.


This is my character http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Leoteras/simple

I have 53% crit in fights.

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Rotation stays the same,like fel rush -> glaive ->CS x2 ->fel rush->3xCS.Ring comes to use when you wait for VR or FR to recharge and have nothing to do but spam CS.Also it helps at the burst with meta allowing you to cast more annhilations.Other than that play the same way,dropping momentum or glaive uptime will cost you a lot of dps.

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