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Thought I was doing OK dps on Ursoc...then WL said I was only @ 29%percentile. HALP!

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Yes your DPS is low for a fight like Ursoc with your Ilvl.

1st : You should use Old war potion instead of Prolonged power. Its scale better.

2nd : you can work to get EP buff up a little more (your's at 68%) you can bring that up to 75%to 85%  uptime

3rd: Your gear don't help since you have a lot of Vers and not much Mastery. With the spec you re using you should try to hit 40% crit and 130% mastery. you have the crit but missing the mastery.

4th: Your ruptur was 95% uptime. That good but on Ursoc it should be 99% to 100% uptime


This is my log for a 3m15s fight (almost like you) and I have 870 Ilvl (3ilvl above you)


Try to Sim your toon. you can probably find better thinket (like in Maw or Vault) 

So at the end I think its mostly your really low Mastery that make your DPS low.


Good Luck And don't force yourself too much. Probably a lot will change in 7.15........... sigh /cry

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Some quick notes of what I saw:

  • Bad opener, cast rupture twice for pandemic before vanish+rupture to get the 36s duration and make full use of Nightstalker.
  • Lowish rupture uptime, remember you can refresh them at 30% duration with the time stacking (8.4s left or less on 6CP).
  • EP up time looks good on the surface but it doesn't look like you're getting proper use out of it. EP always at 3CPs within the EP timer, if EP expires, stop envenoming, pool your resources (get back to 5-6CP and high energy), then envenom and start over, trying to keep EP up as long as possible. Once it expires, repeat. As it is about to expire, if you cannot fit the envenom inside to extend it (below 3CP as it is expiring), at least try to fit a mutilate before starting to pool your energy, of course.
  • Line up your Prolonged Power with Vendetta, you used the second one far too late into the fight.
  • Vanish looked wasted to me, use it on CD to get a massive 36s (refresh previous rupture at 8.4s) 50% damage increased rupture.
  • Well, you died near the end of a particularly short fight, that tends to affect DPS a bit.
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Hey guys, thank you so much for the info. I never thought of using a sub 6 point rupture first before for the full 36sec nightstalker.
So much good points. Cheers all.

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I would also point out that having good legendaries equipped makes a huge difference. You get ranked by your ilvl on WarcraftLogs and it doesn't care if you have the neck and the cloak, but others parsed with the wrists and the waist. Better legendaries = better parse = better ranking. True there is room for improvement in the rotation, but you cannot ignore the dps disparity between legendaries. RNG likes some better than others.

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Latest gear (got a trinket & a relic from En Heroic last night). I feel my mastery is now in a good place (130%), but my crit is still wanting at 38%. My agility is only at 25k though (because i had to take out a WQ stat trinket for the appendages). With my stats is it better to stick with EP/AP? or should I be taking a different talent route.

Also my latest EN Heroic is continued to be disappointing especially on Single Target fights like nythendra/Ursoc (in the 20-30% range for my ilvl percentile).

The reports are below.


I've still been using Potion of Prolonged Power, because i'm an el-cheapo, but I might consider using Pot of the old war, if it makes a significant difference. However I feel like the issue is still that I'm doing something else that's wrong. Would appreciate any further advice.

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