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Maximizing Feral DPS

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I'd like some tips to improve my DPS. Here's my most recent log for heroic Ursoc:

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Shiftyeyed/simple

I didn't go with SR because I have a hard time keeping up the dots, so I go with sotf. I know that I could improve the uptime on Rip and Rake, but I'm wondering if there's something else I'm missing because my average hits for all my abilities seems low when comparing it to others at my ilvl. I wasn't flasked so I'm sure that could be part of it, but the gap seems too big to account just for that.

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I'm not a top-end feral, so.. yeah.

First, you need to compare apples with apples.  Since most people run SR on Ursoc, it's hard to compare your numbers with theirs.   Using SimC or AMR would give you a better idea of 'perfect' dps numbers.  You can then judge from there.

I don't think anything is really too wrong with your average hits given your gear, but 

  1. SR is the big reason why you're behind others.
  2. Zero Razor Fangs relics.
  3. Dump the haste trinket.  It's a guardian trinket, not feral.  I imagine any WQ trinket fares much better at a much lower ilvl.
  4. Try to do better with your FB/rake and Rip/Rake combos with BT.    When AF is off CD, try to replace rake with it.  This is probably why your FB is lower than others.
  5. Food/Flask would matter, but probably a small amount @ about 5%.
  6. Cloak missing enchantment.   This will make a small difference.
  7. Use TF/Berserk before AF on your opener.   This is a very small difference unless you completely miss the window.

The SR+dots juggling just takes practice.  If you can juggle SR with dots on a dummy, I would practice with Ursoc by means of LFR.

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Your dps is definitely low for your ilvl I'm 882 so better geared but when I was like around 870 I was doing quite a bit more I'll link my logs and my armory so you can compare. SR is definitely mandatory for raiding incarn is ok for short bursts in dungeons but not raids.



as the previous post stated the rip relics definitely help thats my best performance of H ursoc to date but granted I've done higher on nythendra and xavius.



you wanna get crit to around 40% and then high amounts of mastery and vers. I always pop a potion of old war pre pot and have flask and 375 mastery food on if I can.


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