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Need advice for Arms

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I want some help pointing out what I need to improve. I know there are many mistakes that I need to correct. So be nice with your fellow warrior. My talents is the basic FR build and rotation is basicaly: charge avatar+trinkets / CS / BC / slam+FR3x / MS. After burst MS on cd / Slam / FR 2x with CS / MS (BC on cd)

Im doing 170k - 180k on EN. Not the best log, but thats what i got for now.. https://goo.gl/E1NzVg

crit 14% has 17% mast 64% vers 5%


i already thanks who would help!

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Good evening, Minitron.

For a proper review I'm going to need a log comparison of a decent pull for you. Preferably one of an Ursoc kill or a Guarm kill (Normal or Heroic). The logs you provided include 5 wipes of Heroic Ursoc (which leave you out of your Execute phase so that explains a loss of substantial damage) and your kill on Dragons you died early in the fight. Neither of these are really sufficient for an in-depth review.

However, just from that I can tell you these things:

  • Stop dying. :P
  • You need to vastly improve your management of Focused Rage. The last attempt of Ursoc it seems you changed your talent (or didn't cast FR at all; either one - both of which are bad decisions). Your other attempts show periods of sporadic use of FR; either you're not using it at all (there are gaps) or you're sitting on 1 - 2 stacks forever. This also means (if FR is lingering for too long) that you're not using Mortal Strike properly.
  • If your awareness and rotation were on point, the only other thing I would say is that you are lacking in some trinkets and gear. This is so minor of a point, however, I wouldn't concern myself with it too much. Better trinkets will obviously help but there are more pressing concerns at this point.

Hopefully these things will get you set on a better path. I would highly recommend that you review guides on the rotation and priority list and then, with a proper rotation, practice on a dummy until you get it into muscle memory and comfortable with what to do in any given situation of the rotation. With that in hand, you'll be able to focus more on the raid environment and your awareness.

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Thanks Sajakain. Yeah, die was a problem.. but was my first time as arms in a HC (first time too :p) and i was figguring how to manage this at the fight, did not well.. but ill improve and will bring better logs. TY!

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