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[Request] Some advice to improve my DPS on FURY WA

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Hi guys,

Writing here to ask some advice to do better with my lovely warrior.

Is hard to play when you have to work night, afternoon, morning without you can organize your life, so, the best achive for me now, is a normal Emerald Nightmare with pug.
This is my armory link

DEJAV Armory


And this is the log of my Last EN normal

unforunately I couldn't upload the URSOC fight cause of a generic "corrupted line" on my log.

Here the log.

REPORT [Died at Cenarius like a noob, sry for that, it's a shame]

Tell me if you cannot read it, is the first time I use it, and the first time I link it.

Any advice would be appreciate, any constructive criticism is too..

Thanks folks for your answer

Kindly, Dejav



Sorry for my bad english. :P

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Ok. Let's start at your armory. First off, you need much more haste. To get your BC rotation done, at least 24%. 

Your enrage uptime is good, nothing to complain here.

You need to get rid off that egg shell. Try to get the paw from ursoc for ST and nexus for M+.

That's all i got for now. Hope this helps a little

Else, i think you're just doin' good. My warr is at iLVL 870 and also at like ~310k DPS. With crappy legendaries. (With head and ring, you're like 150k DPS higher)


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thanks a lot, you have inspected my armory a bit later then the raid, i was equipped a bit different before...
spiked Counterweight was there and toe knee's promise but noticed that with egg's proc the boos on dps is realy higher especially on enrage time

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