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Constructed "Ratings" Gone?

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As a fairly casual player, I really value the "strength" ratings that were listed for the constructed decks by Sottle and Pesty. For instance the cheap-hunter-standard-deck was showing that it was usable up to about rank 10-8.

Those ratings are gone today. If that is a temporary thing, while they evaluate the impact of MSG, I completely understand. If it is a permanent change, I'd like recommendations on where to find something similar.

I really value those ratings when it comes time to spend my dust.

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This feature was discussed and was deemed mostly useless. Reachable ranks are strongly dependent on the skill of the player playing them, more than on the deck itself. It was decided to replace the reachable ranks and curve information for archetype information to help you find similar decks and this feature will be worked on further.

In general - basic decks can go up to 15 (though 18-ish are more likely for players using them), budget decks can go a bit past rank 10 and almost all full-budget decks can reach legend.

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Just echoing positiv's statement in regards to the general rankings - it really won't vary much from that.

It's also kind of making things easier for us. When a user sees that a deck can reach legend, they expect that the deck will carry them all the way with barely any effort on their part. It became a common theme where people criticised a deck for being listed as legend just because they couldn't reach legend with it.

If you really do want these ratings, I would suggest just following the recommendations given by positiv above. The variation would (in honesty) be fairly negligible. 

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