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Shadow Mythic+

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This is my first post and my english isnt the best so bare with me. Also if its in the wrong subforum I apologize in advance. I'll try to keep it short.

Now then, I've been playing a mage for most of my time in legion. I really like them but I'm looking for a change. I've narrowed it down to two classes and specs, an elemental shaman and a shadowpriest. I really enjoy how both of the speccs play and I've always had a fondness for both elemental and shadow ever since vanilla. However I need to choose one of them. I enjoy both of the playstyles ( I might be leaning a bit more towards shadow though) and I have no issues with dedicating the time to properly play them.

Now then. My main focus in legion will be PvP and mythic+. I probably wont do any raiding at all (except for the odd normal raid if I find the time).

With all that said my question is this: Is it worth rolling a priest and dedicating the time required to properly play with voidform and surrender if all I'm going to do is mythic+? Or am I really better off just going with the ele shaman if my only goal is to push high mythic+? From what I've gathered shadowpriests only really shine on certain raidfights and might not be an optimal choice if pushing mythic+ is your goal.

I'd love any input anyone might have on this, I'm completely lost. I love both speccs but I dont want to end up playing something that while fun just wont get me to where I want to go.

Thanks in advance


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I'm a shadow main so I may be a bit biased, but in my opinion both are good for m+, from what I know playing shadow in legion it takes a while to get to a point where you are really competitive with other classes, stuff dies really quickly early on and you don't have enough time to ramp up your damage, but once you have some good gear and you're doing higher level m+ stuff takes much longer to kill, therefor you start to see yourself higher on the dps meters. 

As for ele, I really only know 2 shamans who play ele and one is off-spec, but they have incredible burst aoe, so you'll be seeing much higher numbers right off the bat.

Really it's up to you what you wanna play, try both classes out on the 100 class trials if you don't already have them and see what you like to play more.

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Both classes have been used to clear up to Mythic +17. You can check on Warcraftlogs to see what their comps, talents and gear levels were. Elemental is really solid because they have so much utility and CC - Hex, ranged interrupt on a short cooldown, Lightning Surge Totem, Earthbind Totem, Earthquake knockdowns, Bloodlust, Purge, de-curse, Earth Elemental to off-tank a mob. Also, the rotation is very easy to maintain even in situations where things seem to be falling apart around you.

The main strength of Shadow is actually in the realm of survivability. They passively take less damage than other classes, have a threat dump in Fade, can put a PW:S on themselves to help take a big hit or use Dispersion even if stun-locked. They also have the strongest DPS cooldown that has possibly ever been in the game, but that is most likely getting kneecapped in 7.1.5.

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