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Low ret DPS, advice?

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So, as of late ive noticed i'm preforming far below what I should on encounters. Which is frustrating.

My armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Tanraelath/simple

Logs for H Ursoc: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xC9hAFvBtHLjyVfz#fight=13&type=damage-done&source=12

Granted, I was 869 during this 237k DPS Ursoc pull(upgrades included going from an 845 belt to a 870 belt, relics, and 860-885 neckpiece if i recall right) still preforming very, very low. I understand currently, my mastery is rather high, but that's purely from the upgrades ive gotten. Such as, the 870 belt I lost about 600 haste and 150 crit or so, but gained 25 item levels. Same with the neckpiece, went from 860 to 885 and gained a ton of crit on something that used to be haste/crit. I'm following the same rotation as I am to be told: prepot, opener with Blade of Justice(bound with arcane torrent for 3 HP in one GCD), judgement, wings, TV, Ashes, TV, Trinket, Crusader strike, and repeat being very careful not to overcap(over the course of the Ursoc fight I lost 10 HP to overcapping but that cross realm lag stuff was really acting up that pull) and I'm being careful to only throw out TV when the judgement buff is up. Also throwing my on-use trinket/Ashes on cooldown.  Is it just more haste or crit? I noticed on AMR's simulation, it has going for a high haste/low crit build is doing far better than a high crit/low haste build, so do I just have my stats totally fubber-nucked?

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Your stats are fine in regards to haste and crit. It works well with high haste low crit or the other way around regardless. You do have low str unbuffed through for your ilvl, should be around 26.5 at least. Id recommend replacing your trinkets asap and having at least one with a str boost, like Ursoc's Rending Paw or another Str stat stick. As i'm sure you've read multiple times, Faulty Countermeasure is bis and will add another 30k dps or so if used with Crusade simultaneously. Its a chore grinding VotW for this though, but worth it. 

In order to maximize our damage output, its very important we get to 15 stacks of crusade as soon as possible, so that our damage and haste is increased for maximum time. Due to this id recommend changing up your rotation to improve this if possible. On Ursoc, id open with:

Ashes > Judgement > Wings/FCM > TV > BoJ > TV then fillers 

This gives me a lot more HP to use TV with earlier, meaning i can stack to 15 with 20 seconds of Crusade left.

Finally, your BoM damage is only 1.27 mill, with 2.46% of your damage. Who was this on? BoM on a fight like Ursoc if applied to the correct people should carry out about 8-10% of your damage output on meters and logs. Id make sure you are putting it on the sub rogue and the monk in your raid group. 


Other than all those points, the best way to increase your damage output and know how to improve is by simming your character. You have 0 Vers for example, and i bet if you replaced your crit enchants on ring with vers, you would sim higher. 


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