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Managing Fire Blasts

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Except for the opener, the icy veins guide seems to recommend going into Combustion w/ two fire blasts if possible. But, you also want to go in with Hot Streak, so the flow of how to do that confuses me. Do you just fish for a double crit naturally, w/o a Fire Blast? Do you get the Hot Streak and then wait until Fire Blast comes recharges before going into Combustion? Do you use a Phoenix's Flames to proc the Hot Streak?

A broader question is what do you do in general with your Fire Blasts when you're preparing for Combustion? I feel like I kinda need to just not use them in preparation for Combust. When Combustion's almost off CD, do you just trigger a Hot Streak and then sit on it? That's kind of #2 above I guess.

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I'm not sure what your crit chance is at now, but I will frequently stop using Fire Blasts when I have about 10-12 seconds until Combust to start saving charges and just rely on my 66% (60% on character sheet with the 1.1 multiplier) to get me 2 in a row. While this doesn't always work it's not the worst odds in the world, and if you get truly desperate you can always toss a Phoenix out to grab that second crit, since Fire Blasts are preferred in the Combust.

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