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Flamestrike / Living Bomb usage in low Mythics

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so your guide says that you should only use Flamestrike if there are 6+ mobs around. Does that mean when you don't have the artifact trade (second Flamestrike pillar), you need 12+ targets for Flamestrike to be worth it?

Also, it says use Living Bomb only if the targets live longer than 12 seconds. In low Mythic, most of the time the mobs don't last as long for the Ignite damage to build up, is it acceptable then to cast a few Flamestrikes combined with Phoenix Flames/Fire Blast to bomb the trash? Or should I really only go for single target Fireball/Pyroblasting?

Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn't really bother with Flamestrike unless it's a rather large pack of things that won't live long enough for Ignite to jump to all tagrets (crabs in EoA, Imps in just about anywhere, etc), or it's bolstering week and you don't want to burn one guy down too quick in those aforementioned 6+ packs. Otherwise I'd say stick to pyroblasting and letting the Ignite hopping do its work.


As for Living Bomb, I'm not sure why you mentioned Ignite with it, as it does not apply Ignite, but when using it I only really put it up if there's at least 4 targets and you know they will all live to see both explosions and are stacked closely enough that the initial explosion will spread it to all of the others then they will stay stacked to see the secondary explosions. I really do not know where the 12 seconds comes from unless they were referring to using a second Living Bomb.


Phoenix Flames are a hell yes in just about any pack size, I generally will toss one as my opener to any trash pack, to get Ignite on everyone, especially once you have the gold trait which causes Ignites to have a chance to flare up and reduce the cooldown of Phoenix Flames. As you do this to larger and larger mobs you will start to see Phoenix Flames recharge within a few seconds with lucky flare ups. I believe it is a 10% chance per tick. As for following with a Fire Blast into Flamestrike, I will usually only do that on my previously mentioned Imps/Crabs or very large pulls without a central long lived target to stack a huge ignite on using a Combust.


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