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Debuff Noob Question

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Hi there. I have a question so basic l can't find an answer anywhere else. Where on my screen can l see what debuffs are on me, and how many stacks of each? I was just kicked from a group trying to get an achieve that involved killing a boss only after each group member had stood in lava until reaching exactly 5 stacks of the debuf given by the lava, but l had no idea how many stacks l was on. The group were patient to a point and they could see l reached 6 then 7 stacks. Where can l see this?

Many thanks


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You can see it on your 'main' Player frame or your frame in group/raid frames in almost all the UIs. I believe in the basic WoW UI as well. In addition it's shown (with stacks) under your buffs on the right upper side of the screen.

I know about what achieve you are talking, I did it and no one in my groups had the problem no matter what UI they were using. 


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