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The good old HELP ME [Balance DPS]

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Hello, I used to heal as a monk to my raid, and I really feel I wasn't doing my best plus my guildies recommended to switch to balance since we had none, so I did it. Now I'm 880 ilevel through it and feel my performance really underwhelming, but I really like the playstyle. I've read all the guides I could find (Icy Veins, Gebuz, Cyous..) and still need help since my parses are pretty low. Anything at all, the more the better, would be helpful, thank you very much!

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/character/azralon/spidamon/advanced

Some logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RnaXGBDPxQ1ygdKT#type=damage-done


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everything is in spanish :-/

I could only notice that your CPM is too low. 34 CPM, while the other balance druid was around 40. You're missing a flat 17% dps because of that. Moreover, I think a good CPM in balance is around 50 CPM, considering that during the gwarm fight there is very litle downtime, try to target 45 CPM.

Now to what a lack of CPM means : there are some times during the fight where you cast absolutely nothing. You must track these moments and get rid of them:

1/ Pool 40 astral power, to spend whenever you have unplanned movements (with starsurge ofc)

2/ Refresh your dots if you're out of astral power

3/ Plan your positions to minimize movements

Increasing CPM is challenging, don't expect short term results. Good luck and don't give up !

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Grisz : "Casts Per Minute"

Hiya bogo09/Spida,

I'd piggyback a little off of what bobifle stated.  Your CPM are a little low and I would certainly look at all of the options he suggested, but you may also gain something by re-evaluating your gear.

It's really nice that you have a high iLVL (879 equipped) but I think one of the things you're running into is that your haste is so low comparably that it's limiting you.  Your haste is less than half of your overall mastery value (22%-51%).  For reference my haste is just over 30% and mastery is as ~43%.  Right now (cavet, this may potentially change in 7.1.5) haste has such a high value for us that even if you're forcing yourself to about a 10 equipped item level drop in order to reach ~30% haste I believe that you'll see a huge improvement in your CPM and overall damage. 

I think there is further reason to shoot for the 30% range of haste if you get an Emerald Dreamcatcher (almost a mandatory requirement), but I ran into the same problem with low DPS a few months ago and simply targeting putting haste pieces in slots where I didn't have any before helped immensely.  Your first trinket slot may be a good place to go for a quick improvement since it's only at 850 and anything at that level or higher with haste would almost certainly help you improve. 

Just my thoughts, take them or leave them.  Hope at least some of it has been helpful!

(Sorry I don't have any logs or anything to share to help out, at work with limited resources right now).



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