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Having problems with my boomer

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I change my offspec (I'm a resto) from Boomkin to Feral a while ago, so take this with a grain of salt.

I'd say you have way too much haste. As I understand it the haste rating cap is somewhere around 5000. You have more than double that amount without buffs.

Now, again, I'm not fully updated on Boomkin theory, but I'd suggest you reforge all of that excess haste into crit.

edit: "Problems with my boomer" hehe, that's not what I read :P

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Everything seems okay to be fair.Only soul of the forest talent is the weakest of the 3 I think.

Treants single target, incarnation for multi dotting or phases with enhanced damage.

Maybe it was no issue with you but missing like a 5% crit raid buff or so?

There is a better leg enchant by the way. Unless you are below hit cap, but I think that is impossible.


Boots enchant could also get 175haste. The hast is better than the mastery,

and for the running speed.. if a druid wants to go fast, a druid can run fast imo Posted Image

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