Need help with restoration druid :)

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Hi experts,

I started with healing again in raids and mythics(+) and I followed the advice here to go for Int/haste first. it would be very nice if someone would tale the time to look at my equipment:

and let me know if you have any hints for me if I should change my stats priority/enchantments etc. I think I could need a bigger Mana pool also.

I just joined a hc raid group as a heal and I was not doing too bad, however I'd like to get better :-) Thank you so much for your help, it is really appreciated.


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Hello, I looked at your Armory and there are some things I noticed:

- you don't have a neck enchant, should be a Mark of Claw 

- you are using a WoD enchant on the cloak, should change it to a Legion one (Int)

- your Crit and Mastery are much higher than your Haste, should be the oppposite - Haste always higher. Haste>Crit for the raids, Haste>Mastery for M+.

I can imagine that it's just the gear you got so far but these are priorities.

- there is no such a thing as a bigger mana pool. they are standard and same for all the healers. Some classes can adjust a bit mana management via talents or artifact traits but the pool is standard.

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1 hour ago, Vandara said:

Thank you very much Pandacho! Should I rather go for +tempo and lower item levels?

What's tempo? :)

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Well, with the changes in 7.1.5, I'd say that if the ilvl upgrade is minimal (like +5 ilvls) stay with Haste, otherwise go for ilvl.

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Not to step on anyone's toes but there is some misinformation here. The druid discord channel (I would assume linked in rdruid guide) has the math to back up the following information as well as a fantastic weak aura that shows what your stat priority is based on what your current gear is and the type of content you ate doing (our priority changes dynamically because the less we have of a stat, the more valuable it becomes- we have no bad stats). Int is our highest weight so any ilvl upgrade with it on it is safe to assume as an upgrade.

Drape of Shame, the cloak that drops off of maiden's in Kara, is our absolute BIS (even in nighthold with forges in mythic maybe coming up ahead) and should be farmed and bonus rolled until you have it- bring guildies to trade you (don't have ot be healer spec to get it to drop). The 10% in critical is worth about 800 int and gives crit much more priority to us. Haste lowers the GCD giving us more mana issues if we are constantly blanketing the raid (you for sure will if you zerg cenarious in mythic). You should be running cultivation (unless you are overhealing in your raid causing it to not proc (it was about 16% of my total healing on M cenarious for absolutely free)- running cultivation makes mastery desirable even in raids. If you are having mana issues, I would be weary of stacking haste. With all this in mind and Drape of Shame obtained- crit is going to be our go to stat unless another is low (we want crit, haste and mastery close but enchant/gem/stat stick what works best for us and what we are doing).

We cannot increase our mana pools but there are a few mana trinkets out there. The one that drops of mana wyrm in Kara is the best (especially if coupled with Nightbane's chest) followed by Darkmoon Promise's (can purchase from AH) with Renferal's coming in as the weakest available (esp since it requires you to channel which in hectic fights is just not a possibility). Also don't forget to use innervate as soon as you get around 80% mana to get it on CD and keep lifebloom up to make use of the free regrowth casts.

Stat sticks are our throughput trinkets and they are any trinket with int + a stat. Archanocrystal (drops off world boss, withered j'im being god status and Helya and nightbanes (easier to get higher ilvls) are the best outside of that but WQ's are great as well) should be your go to once you get more comfortable with mana issues- the trinkets from emerald nightmare are pretty bad compared to stat sticks. For my stat sticks I like crit for raids and mastery for M+.

For M+ mastery is king because you are running germ for double rejuv. With germ, cult, lifebloom, cen ward, and regrowth you are doing solid healing when you get to higher keystones and are relying a lot on regrowth spam to tank heal tougher affixes and mastery scales phenomenally with that while haste does little in comparison.

Again sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes here. The rdruid guide on here is fantastic for understanding our class and a powerful tool for beginning to master rdruid. If you need additional info hop in the rdruid discord and check out the resto section and the pinned messages for the math behind what I am telling you and more details and feel free to ask questions!

Good luck in nighthold and hope you continue to enjoy this great class! :D

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Thanks for your information.  This post has been really useful to me.  I am doing mythic + right now and some normal raid healing.  I was running some test on and saw the simulations with using germ vs blossom and to my surprise it kept showing blossom ahead. So I tried it last night and it worked great!  My HPS was actually higher then it ever has been before. I am not saying it always works best but just wanted to share my experience last night.

Linked so you can see my toon.  Any advice is greatly appreciated. Btw Pandacho you're profiles are amazing! I just set them all up last  night!

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On 1/14/2017 at 1:20 PM, Derple said:

Not to step on anyone's toes but there is some misinformation here. The druid discord channel (I would assume linked in rdruid guide).....

Could you link the druid discord channel for me? I looked for it, however I cannot find it - maybe it is a matter of language barrier, Thank you very much!!!! Found it:

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On 1/14/2017 at 1:20 PM, Derple said:

Not to step on anyone's toes but there is some misinformation here. The druid discord channel (I would assume linked in rdruid guide) has the math to back up the following information as well as a fantastic weak a......

Druid discord channel:

Sorry guys this is all new to me and then not in my mother tongue. Can I pls ask how I can run a macro where you provided the link in the druid channel and how do I physicaly do this:  Use Spreadsheets / WA for your stat allocations.

Where are those spreadsheets and what is the meaning of WA?

Thank you <3

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Sorry just now getting back to checking this, I am happy to see that you have found it! In the discord you will click on the #resto section and from there on the top right you will see a pin icon- click there for all the important info and links people have posted!

 WA is weakauras it is an addon you can use to make or import (i'm lazy so only import other people's stuff :)) frames or different things. The one in particular is right here. Once you have weakauras2 installed from curse, type /wa and a menu will pop up, on the right will be import and copy the string you get from the website (on the website there is a button on the right of the text that has 'copy import string' which will copy everything you need) and then just paste and hit import. It is really handy to tell you what you need most. I just focus on ilvl upgrades for the most part, but it is useful because it lets me know should enchant, gem, and eat for crit.

About spring blossoms it is really good for progression in larger group settings where you don't know where you can tranq (inner peace is REALLY good if you can use it to get an extra tranq off but on progression you tend to sit on traq for the 'oh no' moments) or you are constantly stacked- Scorp would have been a great fight for it but I didn't run it unfortunately. Germ is really great if you are in a ten man raid group and a godsend in m+.

Here are some logs from tonight that I am particularly proud of and hopefully the breakdown of my healing can help you get an idea of what I'm casting and what I prioritize (click on me, derplina, to see my healing breakdown).  

Good luck in nighthold all!



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