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Nighthold Mythic WF Race Day 2: EU/Serenity Day

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EU guilds finally got into the race, catching up with the US quickly and Serenity took the lead, with 7 bosses downed and Limit posted 2 World First kill videos.


Day 2 has finished and brought the dead boss tally up to 7. The EU part of the race started today and played out quite similarly to the US counterpart, with Serenity starting slow and going for Heroic splits first, just as Limit did in the US, leaving the first few bosses to others, only to come back later, clean house and ultimately head into the lead on 7/10.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Exorsus, Pieces and From Scratch went into mythic Nighthold extremely early, downing Skorpyron within 20ish minutes of the instance reset and all three took down the first three bosses as the...well, top 3. Way too many threes there. Spellblade Aluriel, the first even remotely challenging test of the raid didn't hold up for long either, as Exorsus and From Scratch just kept on clearing, joined by Method in the No.3 slot.

After Aluriel, things got a little more complicated, as the field was open as to which boss could be next. Krosus emerged as the easiest target, and saw Serenity get back from their Heroic splits to get in-between Exorsus and From Scratch in the No.2 slot, all three closely followed by Method and Pieces. This is where it became obvious that Serenity had made the right choice to do the splits before heading to Mythic, as they immediately pulled away from the pack and cleaned Tichondrius' clock under 2 hours after downing Krosus. Exorsus caught up and got the World 3rd, EU 2nd on Tichondrius, but Serenity weren't stopping, as they went on to get the World First on High Botanist Tel'arn, but it did take them almost 4 hours to do so (which, incidentally, is the same amount of time it took them to down the first 4 bosses combined, with the first 3 taking 25 minutes).


Serenity were sitting pretty at 7/10 bosses down, the only ones to have done so for quite a while (4 hours, in fact) before anyone came a knockin, and the one who knocks was Limit, who were back after their break, getting the World 2nd and US 1st on the Botanist. It would soon be three guilds in that top 7/10 group, as Exorsus joined them a while later, but everyone else seemed to be stuck behind Tichondrius, as From Scratch, Method and Midwinter have stayed on 5/10, perhaps taking it a little more easily. The Asia servers also came up very recently, and Koren guild AFK R took the first three bosses ahead of the many Chinese guilds chasing them very closely.

There were also some lag issues on EU servers for almost all the top guilds, making the day  frustrating to progress on, so let's hope for a cleaner day 3 and that at least Elisande and Gul'dan make it to the next reset, with High Augur Etraeus being our next best hope of stemming this crazy top guild onslaught!

Limit also posted two World First kill videos, Spellblade Aluriel and Krosus:


All the information was taken from Method's race coverage, and if you want to follow it live, check out their progress page, or for a quick overview just hover over the icons in the image below, as it updates automatically.

Image created with mana.gg.

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Does really anybody care about the US an Asian guilds in the race? We all know that US who got the raid one day earlier and the asians got it  2 days later or smth. I don't understand how Limit can say they are world first on some bosses. C'mon they got it earlier than Europe, and European guilds still smack them even with the 1 day extra they got. I think the world first should be time calculated from the opening of the raid on a region.

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27 minutes ago, ChaosDecides said:

Shouldn't the hardest PVE content in the game take more time to beat?

With current itemisation system ( Mythic + ) and so on, and due to this inability to balance trinkets and other items it is pretty hard to do some decent raids. Add here the popularity of the game and raids, Blizzard makes them for huge mass of players, so that it was possible for everyone to beat them. That is why the mythic race is so fast. Add here all those PTR tests and so on.

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9 hours ago, Dvanom said:

Does really anybody care about the US an Asian guilds in the race? We all know that US who got the raid one day earlier and the asians got it  2 days later or smth. I don't understand how Limit can say they are world first on some bosses. C'mon they got it earlier than Europe, and European guilds still smack them even with the 1 day extra they got. I think the world first should be time calculated from the opening of the raid on a region.

To be fair Limit isn't calling themselves "World First", other people are. And they techically did kill it world first, unfortunately the system is really stupid and unfair. Also Asian guilds have gotten WFs in the past, as soon as a raid takes longer than 1-2 resets they are back in competition.

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23 hours ago, Rudy199 said:

Looks like ToV Mythic pre-nerf will stay as the hardest raid in Legion

Gul'dan is much harder than the rest of nighthold. Plus there is Star Augur and Elisande that are also going to be much harder than the bosses that have been killed, so I don't know which will be harder.

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