Need Some Help with Dps (fire)

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Hello guys, i started playing fire Mage on this patch (7.1.5). I've checked a lot o guides to increase my dps but i think that i should go more into it.

Soo i came here to ask from someone more experienced player for tip or what i'm doing wrong.

my rotation : prepot>precast-fireball> Comb >fb>Pyro>fb>Pyro>fb>Pyro>Pf>Pyro and after that im just fireballing till i get heat up and fb>Ph into Pyro.

Amory  Armory might be bugged or something,.. my legendaries are 940 and my stats are : 59%crit without DDhellfire.

WarcraftLogsNHN and here are my logs.

Any tips/help/opinion would help, thanks in advise:)


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