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Hi every1, I play balance druid since legion... Firstly sorry for my bad english :) My single target dps is very well but aoe really sucks.. Hope that u will help me about this situation. I read icyveins aoe rotation clearly, but there is something I cannot understand I believe. 

For 3 targets its ok, aplly dots and new moon then star surge and empowerment luner strike...

For 4+ targets my rotation: Choose a target which live enough, and cast moonfire and sunfire, also sunfire dot applies in near targets. Then I cast 3 new moon ability to gain astral power... And its where the problem begin ! When I reach 60 ap, cast Starfall and keep casting Lunerstrike (with out empowerment Luner Str) to get ap... I choose to cast lunerstrike without empowerment lunerstrike because if I cast star surge for consumig ap and cast emprowment luner strike, there is not ap remain to cast Starfall. But as far as I read I should use starfall for 4+ targets... So how can manage this situation ? pls help me


its my char:

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I mythic mode, the key for ae dps is to pool the 60 AP required for the starfall *before* the start of the combat. Otherwise the pack will be dead before you have the chance to cast starfall.

When the mob pack is engaged:

1/ ae dot

2/ starfall

3/ moonfire like crazy (tab is your friend)

4/ build up AP with new moon, or lunar strike if not available

5/ if the pack is not dead, recast starfall, refresh the ae dot if needed

6/ when only 1 or 2 mobs left : build up AP for the next pack. Pool 60 (use starsurge only at 90+)

7/ watch the fire mage cry (I may be slightly overstating :D )


In raid fights, you only need to anticipate for when the adds pop, if you don't know, pool 50 AP

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