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Protection DPS

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I'm not sure how improving one's rotation would be a survivability loss for a tank. Survivability and damage output are very much linked as far as rotation goes. I'd take a look at your prot set, but it seems you logged out as Fury. I apologize for how long it took me to respond as anything I say right now is going to be no longer pertinent in a few days. For 5.3, I'd say stick with mastery gems and reforges and turn your eyes to your rotation. You need to make sure you're utilizing your DPS CDs as well as your defensive CDs. Make sure you libe up Bloodbath with Dragon Roar, Bladestorm, or Shockwave (boss depending). Make sure you're using Shield Slam when SBlk is up (though you should always be using Shield Slam ^.~) assuming you have Heavy Repercussions. Ultimately, I'm going to be unable to tell you much if you don't give me some logs to look at. When 5.4 hits, warrior gearing is going to change dramatically. We'll actually be stacking avoidance rather than mastery, as odd as that sounds. This will give us higher rage generation through crit and through more Hold the Line procs. I'll be updating my guide once I figure things out, since the changes are so drastic. That being said, 49 times out of 50, low DPS is caused by something off in the rotation and using your CDs well is essential. Best of luck, please let me know if I can clarify further and if you feel like posting logs, I'll dig through those.

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