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[Ret] Dps Problem

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Hello fellow rets

As the title says , i'm really having trouble doing better than 370k single target.



2 things to point out is that i have 2 bad legendaries that add nothing to the gameplay and i have no T19 Set right now.

Guilds do want logs and when i give them logs and they find out that i have bad dps compared to my ilvl ( ~ 884 equipped ).

If you guys are kind enough to point out my problems , maybe it's the stats or the gear optimization in itself or something else..

For an alternative Trinket : i got Eye of command with a critical gem in it.

Thanks in advance.




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Install sim craft.

Stats = Above haste needs without cloak, could re gear this to around 21% and focus on higher crit/vers, whatever sim advises . Would be way better with ring and cloak enchants, and neck enchant for sure. Fix that first. 

Rotation = Work on judgement uptime, you miss out on about 40 seconds and 6 TV's without judgement buff. Rest of rotation is fine for single target. Your crusade uptime is good also. However, what i dont understand in the slightest is why you have only used DS on Skorpyron 9 times? Can you explain your thinking on that fight that is predominately adds?

Artifacts = 2 680 artifacts? Replace these asap, and try and get Wrath of the Ashbringer ones, to increase Crusade duration. 

Gear = Trinks are fine, try and get FCM for scaling with crusade. Farm better legendaries for dps increasing ones, and replace any gear with mastery if you can for any other stat really. 

Talents = Fine.

Basically man you need to learn encounters and know how best to play in certain situations. Know when to aoe and when to save Crusade to scale best with other buffs. 

If you want a more indepth chat feel free to add me on CollieDoc#2634.



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Adding to the above response, I would recommend trying a new opener. Run Justicar's Vengeance, I know it seems to have no use without using Divine Purpose but this actually helps quite abit during our burst phases.

Opening/Burst Phase Rotation:

Build 5 HP/ Judgement/ Cruade / Justicar's Vengeance/ Wake of Ashes / Justicar's Vengeance.


The advantage to this is you will build 10 stacks of Crusade in about 2 seconds after popping Crusade (since Vengeance requires 5 HP to use). This is massive for our burst phase because now you will have 30% damage/haste right off the bat instead of building through Templars Verdict. This works for every time you use Crusade, just make sure you have Wake of Ashes off CD for each time :)


Hope this helps.

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