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Fire mage - help with DPS

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Quite frankly, my DPS seems abysmal for my iLvl and gear, and I'm having trouble figuring out why.  Any advice from my more proficient brethren and sistern would be greatly appreciated.  My armory and a recent log file are linked below.  Thanks in advance!



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so right off the bat I see that your crit is horrid you want to get it in the fifty percent or higher range crit for fire is straight dps 200 int. does not give more dps than 1200 crit  also your haste is ridiculously high so the stats I go for are int. crit. verse. or mastery. mastery is huge for AOE fights and Verse is killer for single target fights also cant stress enough get that AP and fill that weapon Mythic plus's are a super good way to farm AP. as for rotation I see that your burst is there just not getting those procs when combustion is down that is why crit is so important for fire but ya get that crit. up and you will be pulling good numbers in no time

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