892 Fire Mage help please

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I find my dps to be a bit lower on single target than most other classes and i'm not sure what i am doing wrong. 

Here are some logs:
I mostly need help on the single target fights like Trilliax and Krosus
Any help is appreciated :D


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The logs told me that you were using a Mastery AoE trinket during single target fights. It looks like you upgraded them since this post - which seems to be doing much better for you. I switch out my Brine trinket for Burning Sky when I'll have more than 3 constant adds up. I also like to run Kindling and Rune of Power on single target. I'm still working on better timing but if you plan ahead for Krosus  his mechanics you can lay a RoP and basically keep your Pyro's critting like you just used combustion. 






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