Resto Druid 3034 Haste to 6652??

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So, I have recently started raiding again and geared a lot quicker then I expected too!


The big question I have to ask though is when is the right time to move from the 3034 haste cap onto the 6652 cap?


I have found that my gear alone without any reforging or gemming has got me to the 3034 (12.5%) cap but I am very continuous of what Mastery I will lose re-forging and gemming to get me to the 6652 at the moment. I have checked it out and I have managed to work out that I can mainly re-forge with the odd gem change to get me to hit the new cap BUT by gaining the additional 8.11% haste(to get me to the 6652 cap) I lose 5.23% Mastery and 1.34% crit. This is all based on my gear at the mo which is like ilvl 510. 


I guess the big question I have is gaining the 8% haste to take me to the next haste cap worth losing the 5% mastery?

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At about 520-525 ilvl you`ll start "overgearing" 3043 haste cap and you wont be able to gem/reforge to this point cause your haste will be around 3,5-3,8k minimum, so i guess you should reforge to next haste cap when your ilvl will be higher cause this 500-800 haste over 1st cap is just a waste of secondary stat.

Cheers, Dren

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The next haste breakpoint is for Efflorescence and Wild Growth, so if you're using those heavily it might be worth it. That being said, at ilvl 510 I'd suggest sticking to the 3043 breakpoint.

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