Gold Making: Battle Pets Flipping

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The guide focuses on battle pets flipping across multiple realms. The main focus is to buy cheap pets on your realm and resell it for profit on a different one. You can either bring the gold back to your source realm or to a third server to build your own infrastructure.


  • Time to do the research
  • Initial investment capital
  • Creation of a character on a second server, it costs 1 silver to post a pet in the Auction House, 
  • You can buy a Illustrious Guild TabardIllustrious Guild Tabard and vendor it to have gold for auctions. Thanks to @Ammako for pointing out.


  • Conduct a research using the Undermine Journal
  • Pick your main server and the server you decide to sell your pets on
    • The best bet are populated realms
    • Pay close attention to the Median Price
  • Compare battle pet prices of your server and the target realm
  • The goal is to find pets that you can buy cheap on your server and resell at a higher price on the target realm.

Example: My source server is Illidan (US) and I want to sell pets on Tichondrius (US), so I'm comparing battle pets prices of Illidan and Tichondrius

The Guide

  • After your research's finished, you will have decided, which pet has the highest profit on your target realm and at the same time lowest investment requirements on your source realm
  • Buy pets and learn them
  • Create a new character on the target realm
  • For posting pets in the Auction House, you need 1 Silver per pet auction, so it's a good idea to buy Illustrious Guild TabardIllustrious Guild Tabard on your main serer and vendor it to have gold for auctions on the target server.
  • Open the Pet Journal, right-click the pet you bought on your source realm and cage it
    • There's an option "Put in Cage"
  • Put the pets in the Auction House
  • After having sold your auctions, you will start making gold on the target realm.
  • This gold should be spent on battle pets, but the other way around
  • Conduct another research based on your target realm
    • This time, your source realm will be your target realm
  • Buy pets on the target realm to resell on either your primary realm or expand to a third realm.
  • You can now start flipping ("ping-ponging") gold between two or more realms.

Example: I've bought pets on Illidan (US) and successfully sold them at higher prices on Tichondrius (US). Having aquired enough gold on Tichondrius (US), I can start buying pets, which are sold on Tichondrius cheaper than they are on Illidan and either bring my gold back to Illidan or expand it to multiple other servers.

Closing Tips

  • Conducting the research is of vital importance
  • Make screenshots of pets you buy, it makes caging faster
  • The Undermine Journal battle pets page can be accessed from the menu bar on the right

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You can skip doing quests by buying a guild rep tabard from guild vendor (125g blue one does the job) and mailing it to that new characters, it'll vendor for more gold than you'll ever need for posting auctions. The 125g is worth the time saved not having to bother doing those quests imo.

There might be other, cheaper BoA items you can mail vendor but that's the one I usually use when I have nothing on a new realm and I want bags or something. Timeless armor tokens might work, depending on how quickly you can obtain them.

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Also if you're already Exalted with Sons of Hodir on one of your characters, the heirloom enchants you can buy from their quartermaster offer an arguably cheaper gold cost (80g at exalted, vendors for 25g.)

Of course, if you don't already have that rep, it really wouldn't be worth it to grind exalted with them just for that, but for those who have it it's a nice bonus.

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