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[RET] Feeling sub-par dps

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https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/wqLZTk69vyzmNhrJ/#view=analytical&type=damage-done&fight=31&source=96 here are my logs


http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Tanraelath/simple And the armory

Looking at the parsing and seeing im only at 32% but i had my talents set up properly and i maximized my HP spending during judgement, and follow the rotation guides properly, i cant help but feel a little bit let down with my numbers. Is it mainly just my stats that are holding me back? Or possibly my luck with trinkets/relics(one Fires of Justice, two Deflection, all 670 cuz i literally havent seen a relic drop for me in months)

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You have 33% haste so why you enchant haste on your rings and use haste gems puzzles me. Sim your character with scaling enabled. I am fairly certain versatility has the biggest stat weight for you. I'd start by replacing your haste gems and enchants with versatility and use the Seedbattered Fish Plate food for 375 versatility. 

Secondly, both your trinkets are absolutely garbage. The 905 ilvl is only okay because of the ilvl and it giving a lot of strength. But def replace your spiked counterweight with the first trinket you come across. 

Thirdly, yeah your weapon plays a part in the low dps. But don't forget logs also show a bracket %. You score 18% in your itemlevel bracket meaning 82% of all paladins with your itemlevel range beat you. 

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