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Hello!! I reached 110 around two weeks and a half ago (more like three weeks) and I'm currently in the process of tuning my DPS to be ready to help in progress on Gul'Dan HC

I currently have no logs that are up to date, only that I often finish fights at 400k DPS (on mono) or up to 450k. Botanist HC yesterday was 580k at the end (not using Consecration)

Here is the armory, I will only be able to equip my second legendary (Aegisjalmur, armguards) on Thursday.

My relics are Ravencrest Brooch (860 as I couldn't find higher) (+2.5 sec crusade), Unstable Time Particle (885, +2.5 sec crusade) and a random 875 fire relic as neither Xavius or DHT wants me to have the relic.

Couldn't get Faulty Countermeasure either or Convergence of Fate no matter if I used 5 seal on it last week.

Current rotation is : Prepot > Judgment > DH > CS > Crusade > TV > Judgement > Wake of Ashes > TV > CS > TV > DH > CS > TV

I have issues with adds heavy fights.

Also with moving mechanics, like all melee I believe.

And yes, I have the 4 pieces set bonus (even if sometimes, like when it procs RIGHT before a Wake of Ashes I feel it's a missed occasion, same as CS proccing).


Thanks for your input.

(Target dummy is 550K for 5 min).

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Just a suggestion for your rotation. Start with DH when the Pulltimer is around 6-7 seconds, because the first time DH make damage, you will get 2 HP.

So: 6-7 Seconds before Pull DH>Prepot>Judgement>CS>TV>WoA>TV>CS>TV>DH>CS>TV

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