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Relic BiS

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as of 7.2 in a few more weeks, all current relics will be regulated to " outdated and sub optimal status " due to the new Lodge ability to add secondary stats/effects to new drop relics.....that being said... my understanding is that for MM hunters Level>all else unless there is new data I am unaware of.


I'd run the 895 and sim out with the 890 and see what the numbers tell ya.....but I'm betting 895 is the right choice

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And... I take back what I said in light of the new Blue post today stating that they had scrapped the double stat relic system in favor of an occasional chance to double AP gained from WQs.... which seems.... WEAK considering this is the final tier of the new lodge upgrades.... if not double dip relics....then do what EVERYONE wants and give us the 3rd Legendary...../sigh....


SO.... the question carries more weight now considering that relic is liable to be in place for a VERY long time now....at least until the new raid content and tier 20 drops up the ante.....


Sim them both, sim them both several times and make sure....but I'm still thinking 895 is the right choice based on everything I've read up to today

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