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Force of Nature for Resto

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Has anyone found out the haste breakpoints for FoN?

im not using reincarnation or SotF, and i just love the treants.

Reincarnation im finding it very risky and the semi long cd, isnt fitting well at the new mechanicks where u need a semi cd every 40-60 secs.

SotF is ruining my rotation,

so im sticking with the treants, but still havent found where their haste bp's are.

One is around 4k to 4,2k haste but i wasnt able to figure it excactly.


Excuse my poor english not my language.

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How is SotF ruining your rotation?

FoN seems kind of lack luster with the new glyph making efflorescence a 5m aoe heal.

SotF works great for tank healing (life bloom and rejuv) and for empowering WG for semi high dmg phases.

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i prefer Force of nature due to the fact i can spread hots over a huge area if i stack em just about nothing will kill what ever im healing and i find the 20 second charge cooldown is alot better then a 45 to 2 min cooldown on the other spells in this tier

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