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Ways to level?

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Hi, so as i just started with WoW i'd really like to know is there any other way to level other than quests or dungeons? and aswell when do i get moved into a new expansion area?

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You can gain exp from gathering professions and from straight-up farming mobs, but I -believe- there may be some diminishing returns to the amount of exp you gain if you farm the same spot/mobs for long enough (correct me if I'm wrong.)

It'll be slower exp than just questing or doing dungeons, though. It can be done if you're really tired of questing but I wouldn't recommend it (if you're questing though, picking up Herbalism and Mining so you can collect herbs/ore you run into while running around gives a nice chunk of extra exp for little extra effort.)

I've heard of people levelling through pet battles as well, although I wouldn't be able to tell you how much exp you gain from that since I've never done it.

At Lv. 58 you can leave Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor and head to Outland, then at 68 you can head to Northrend. At 80 you can start going into Cataclysm areas, Pandaria at 85, Draenor at 90, and Broken Isles at 98. Although you can stay in EK/Kalimdor until 60, Outland until 70 and Draenor until 100, I recommend moving on to the next continent as soon as you can to get the best exp. Nothing really forces you to move on, so you can stay in a zone to wrap up any quest lines you've started if you wish, but be aware that you won't get much exp from quests once you outlevel an expansion.

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When you get to the Broken Isles, I have found that questing is honestly the fastest way to level. Unless you are an arena god and win every skirmish you que into, provided you are EU or US servers not Oceanic. Always start with the hard ones first. just get it out of the way. My rotation is 1.Highmountain 2.Stormheim 3.Valshara 4.Azuna.

As you progress through these areas you will unlock dungeon quest for the zone. I highly recommend running these dungeons one time for the quest alone. They offer significant xp.

There are also bonus objectives within the zone. These may seem tedious at times but They give great rewards as far as Order Resources and gold go. (hold on to those resources, don't waste them on follower missions) you will need these in order to get your second legendary slot unlocked.

I have also found that completing a toy set in highmountain that offers a slowfall kite is very beneficial in almost all areas. Especially for when you get to suramar. I can't remember what the kite is called off the top of my head but you can search it in your toy box just type (kite) in search bar.

I know it sucks, but tough it out. This is the greatest expansion as far as content to date. I hope you found this helpful!

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