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901 Balance Druid 49 traits

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I am playing balance in Mythic NH with 901 ilvl 49 traits, obviously the 5 final traits would help a lot, but i feel as if i'm not doing nearly as well as i should. I also have what i think to be the best 2 BiS legendaries right now. Head, and ring, while also having the wrists too.

Starting rotation is: Pot,dots,3 moon casts, 1 solar wrath, 3 starsurges, all empowereds, repeat

Need help as i honestly am getting frustrated that i cant perform as well as i need to and want to.

Need all the help i can get. 





Will have more logs as time goes on.


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This was your first mythic run. I'd says don't sweat it. If you were performing better than those who clean the mythic mode, I'd be surprised.

You numbers are still decent, you sometimes hit 48% ilevel. Understand that mythic mode holds the best players around.

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Skorpyron its aoe fight u need legendary for aoe - thouse legendary u have echiped are more for single target , and for your ilvl with 4 piece of set and the legendary head who work well with tier u should do more dmg  , u do something wrong with rotation , but like i sad u have legendary echiped for single target - boss like skorpyron / spellblade - aoe ; if u have in bag Oneth's Intuition  get ring off and put the wrist , then u have access to starfall/starsurge more ofen and if u want more starfall replace incarnation with soul of the forest , do a try and see no1 will die if u try

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You can take a look at my rotation for Single Target fights, it might help in your output. I only have the helm n neck legendaries on, iLvl 900.

Start: Pot, pre-cast 2xWrath (about 2-3 seconds before pull, depends on your distance too), use CDs, apply both DoTs, cast all Moon Spells, 1xStarsurge(SS), 1xWrath, 1xSS, 1xWrath, 1xSS, 1xWrath, 1xSS, 1xWrath, 3 Lunar Strike, (reapply DoTs if needed) / cast Moon Spells when there's 2 stacks, repeat.

For AoEs, just save up for 2xStarfalls. You may use 1 at the start if it requires you to move, if not just use 2 at a time (>80 solar power).

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