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Hi guys,


im a bit confused right now, because anywhere i looking for some nice tips or nasty tricks or secret i just cant find solution to improve, thus i feel more useless over time as we progress through mythic NH.

Right now i can only link my logs, because i cant reach armory from my workstation (pls forgive me)

Spec: Unholy Ilvl: 900


I hope u find those mistakes what i cant :)

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You lost a good amount of wounds just by overcapping. You missed a soul reaper which for obvious reasons isn't ideal. Had delay on your pet transformation so you missed one there too. Runic capped for a lot of time not ideal. only 1 potion. No flask. (this is for chronomatic) it looks like you were casting FS during death and decay which is a dps loss if there is more than 3 targets, regardless of the wounds you might lose. ON top of this wrong talents, Ebon fever is just flat out better, and so is necrosis.

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