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Fury Dps Needs Help!

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I'm a fury warrior who seems to be struggling to get the right damage output that from looking at logs i should be getting, hitting a maximum of 21% Pars.

Just put on my 4 slot and 1 legendary to see if this will help, which has dropped my Haste to 27%, no BIS trinkets. I have the crit ring, Secret (Gutted), Shoulders and wrists, i have chosen the wrists and lost the shoulders for tier.


Link to Armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/defias-brotherhood/Miithy/simple

Link to Latest Logs (Before Putting on 4 slot) - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/KhcPJTR2kqBgAmFY#fight=5&type=damage-done&graphperf=1&source=8&view=timeline (Tich)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/KhcPJTR2kqBgAmFY#fight=11&type=damage-done&graphperf=1&source=8&view=timeline (Bot)


Any help would be great, i'm constantly using SimC, and using the rotation that has been drilled into me from guides. Average DPS is 440k -520k.


Cheers for reading,

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From what I can see so far, you're using the single target spec along with the single target rotation on an AoE fight. 

Would swap Endless Rage for War Machine and try to maintain the buff, relatively easy on both Tichondrius and Botanist. Avatar or Wrecking Ball, is completely up to you, it's personal preference. Everything else is fine.

Now let's talk about rotation on an AoE fight:

On Tichondrius, you will be using Whirlwind -> Rampage(Priority) or Bloodthirst(to stack to Rampage) for the Tainted Blood adds given of course that you are on add duty, this should ensure you close to 90-100% uptime on your War Machine buff. Charge back to Tichondrius and follow single target rotation as usual until re-swapping to Tainted Bloods for War Machine buff uptime.

On Botanist, you start out the fight following the single target rotation until Solarist spawns which is where you then swap to the AoE rotation of Whirlwind -> Rampage/Bloodthirst along with trying to tag Parasitic Fetters for War Machine uptime (note you will also be getting this buff while AoEing down Plasma Spheres as well!). Along with the said rotation, would recommend swapping Avatar to Wrecking Ball as well, Whirlwind will be your #1 damaging ability on this fight.

Now we can talk about gearing:

From the list of legendarys that you have so far, I would recommend using Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles(MBM) and Ayala's Stone Heart(ASH) with the current set pieces that you have. Ideally you would swap ASH for a more haste favored ring(recommend a decent Jeweled Signet of Melandrus if possible) or Sephuz's Secret if you take the time to manage the cooldown and uptime, and then use Timeless Stratagem but that would require you to obtain different set pieces.

For your set pieces, would recommend dropping the chest tier piece and getting a haste favored chest (chest from Gul'dan or Nightbane is a good start). Get the leg tier piece to replace chest tier and then swap shoulder tier to glove tier so you can use Timeless Stratagem legendary shoulders. 

Trinkets of course should be aimed for a Convergence of Fate and Draught of Souls, would recommend obtaining Draught first to let you have some more leeway for moving haste around your gear.

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