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Don't see help/support section, so I guess this is it, since Blizzard can no longer support their own games.

I finished "In The Blink of an Eye." No NPC spawn, no questlines, mission table, Hall of the Guardian is locked, no artifact weapon. I have Dalaran hearthstone, and I can teleport to the Hall, but there is nothing there. What am I missing?

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Fine, good that there was a way to solve it.

It would be appreciated if you could share the solutions or describe what caused the issue. So if another player has the same problem, he'll find help with your discription :-).

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Quest: champion-high-priestess-ishanah There is no portal for me to: Netherlight Temple. in the Horde quarter. When I got to Dalaran I spoke to a hooded npc and got a quest but then he/she disappeared. I then had a quest to talk to Alonsus Faol" headed to tirisfal. I came back but no portal. Spent a long time looking and eventually got a friend priest to show me exactly where the portal was supposed to be but is not. Helpers suggested deleting the quests, reloading etc... so I now have no quests either :( help


It actaully looks like you have a quest availible in Dalaran which should lead you to your artifact weapon, and then that'll lead you to unlock your class hall.

I already chose a weapon and I have been back to tirisfal and faol and calia have no quests for me. The only quests in Dalaran are a tailoring quest (sew it begins) an enchanting quest (the last few) and one in coldarra (eyes of the dragon)....



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