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Well, it's finally happened and is no more. Blizzard have had their crack team of PR people and scientists come up with the brilliant alternative that is "Blizzard App". It may be less confusing for people (although I would really like to see the kinds of people it confused), but we'll still mourn and its legacy, starting with Diablo 1 in 1996.



Also, travelers, remember, throwing away a decades long tradition is fine if it avoids confusion!

In less depressing news, after the recent announcement of prices for character service going up, Blizzard have offset that (for a while at least) with a sale on said services and Legion itself. Also, take not at how it's still called the shop and account in the post. I am SO confused right now.

Blizzard LogoOfficial (source)

Resummon your friends and guildmates and prepare to face the Burning Legion upon the Broken Shore once more! It’s the perfect time upgrade to World of Warcraft: Legion and save 25% on select character services during our sale March 23–April 4, 2017.

World of Warcraft: Legion

Save $10 on World of Warcraft:Legion Standard or Digital Deluxe Edition.*

Character Services

Save 25% on the following character services:

Guild Services
    • Guild Name Change
    • Guild Transfer
    • Guild Faction Change

    To get started, visit the Shop. You can also log in to your account and visit the Shop to upgrade your account to World of Warcraft: Legion or purchase a character service.

    *Offer applies to digital version purchased through Blizzard. Some stores are also offering similar promotions—check with your favorite local retailer.

    And then there's this great piece of art from the 7.2 trailer announcement post over on the official site:


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    4 hours ago, Ammako said:

    Everyone's still gonna be calling it app anyway.

    Yup lol ,

    the name change was st***d :p >_>,

    its always been Battle.Net

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    It does not matter anyway because nothing changes.
    However I am sure that people will call it Blizzard-App eventually. This happened to many things and products that had a well known name but changed it. (For example Twix used to be called Raider.) People get used to new names quickly.


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    Adding example
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    10 minutes ago, Alkasar991 said:

    It does not matter anyway because nothing changes.
    However I am sure that people will call it Blizzard-App eventually. This happened to many things and products that had a well known name but changed it. (For example Twix used to be called Raider.) People get used to new names quickly.


    The old school players, who have been with Battle.Net since the dawn of time, will still call it "Battle.Net", be certain of it.

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    7 minutes ago, Valhalen said:

    The old school players, who have been with Battle.Net since the dawn of time, will still call it "Battle.Net", be certain of it.

    Yeah. i am one of those. I started with Warcraft2. But I know how this sort of change affected me and others in the past.

    I give Battle.Net one year to remain in people's languages. It still quite much considering that streamers and community websites have to present the current official name to at least avoid irritation.

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    I did love that logo.. Now there're some crooked letters and I don't  even wanna know, what they mean. This world is not gonna be the same again.

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    3 hours ago, RoseZ12 said:

    so their website is now instead of dont understand that change desktop app is now called Blizzard, yet they forgot to rebrand the shop / etc into Blizzard Shop.

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