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Hi people,


Would like to ask if anyone knows whether Disc priest shields, that are placed on a target simultaneously, stack together or separately.


For example

If you had a PW: S on a target and then you use Divine Insight and Prayer of Heal the same target's group, which would Divine Aegis the same target, would the shields combine to absorb PW: S + Divine Aegis worth of damage or would the same damage hit both mechanics simultaneously.

So PW: S provides shield for, say, 98k then you get, say, 100k Divine Aegis. Would the target be protected for 198k of damage or only 100k.


Reason I ask is because raid bosses do so much damage that the shields are gone very quickly and its hard to know what was mitigated. But from a mana point of view I would rather not waste the mana (especially while rapture is on CD) putting a shield on someone if a Divine Aegis will do the same job.


Thanks in advance for useful answers.

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Horcored is correct. It will go through one completely, and then the next one. if both shields are being consumed then you aren't losing any healing.


The only time it would be a loss is if you PW:shield a target when they only have a few seconds left on divine aegis, and Divine aegis drops off before the PW:shield gets fully absorbed. but most likely that would be a pretty minor loss.

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On a same note, are you able to cast PW:S twice on the same target with regards to SoI or will the second cast merely refresh the first?  In either case, PW:S > Penance > PW:S provides a potent single target mitigation/heal when necessary.  However, say I just cast Penance on a dps, could I then cast PW:S twice in a row?

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