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Need help to optimes my DH

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Hello all fellow Demon fighters. 

I have a few question, that i hope you can giv me a demon blade with :) 

My opener (boss at NH) 

Meta - Chaos Blades - Nemesis. 


I go Felblade (try to generate fury) - Chaos strike - as must a posibell - When Felblade blink or when ready, I put it 
on to generate more Fury, and as must as posibell Chaos Strike. 

When I run out of fury: I go blade dance - thow Glaive - until Felblade is ready agian. 

"When Cooldown on Chaos Blades - Nemesis is ready i put them on again"

And then i go from the start. 


    - Is my opener corret
    - Is my rotaion corret, or can i do something better? 
    - I fell that i lot of times, I'm out of fury. And just standing stil.

This is my chara: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Demonninja/simple

When i look at other people about same EQ ilvl as me ( 892) They do a lot more dps that me. 

I'm only active about 90 % of the fight, because i ran out of fury. 


If you need anyother info, plz let me know. 


Giv a fellow Demon hunter a little help :) 


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Just so people know where the follow advice is coming from, I'll preface everything I'm about to say with two points:

1) I only have access to experience from Full Normal and Heroic NH clears;

2) I typically parse in the 90-98% for ilvl (894) 

I won't comment too much on the correctness of your opener, because I've seen people doing it different ways. What I tend to do is:

- pre-pot at 2 seconds left on pull timer

- Meta leap at boss

- Felblade

- Chaos Blades + Nemesis

- Fury of the Illidari (I don't have it in a macro with Nem+CB because sometimes I want to wait on it, depending on the fight)

- Chaos Strike/Annihilation


As for what I'm seeing on your Armory page...

I think your biggest problem with Fury generation is that your Haste is very, very low. Your Crit could stand to be a little higher -- at or over 40% is where I hear people start to feel comfortable with the 4 piece tier set bonus providing reliable returns on Chaos Strikes. But from what I've seen myself and read from others, a comfortable level of Haste would be about 11-13%, particularly if you don't have the Legendary Ring.

Where you are running into trouble is (IMO) your Memento of Angerboda. It's a nice trinket, but the nature of it is that it's relying on its proc to help your damage spike. The problem that I have with trinkets like this (Memento and Element Foci) is that they aren't reliable most of the time. You will likely get a proc at the beginning of the fight to help your opener, and you could get a good proc at the right time after that and see a big spike, but you could also have it proc right when you aren't able to make the most of it.

For a spec that struggles with RNG, I think adding more RNG to it is just asking for trouble. 

Do you have other trinkets available? If you want to list them, feel free. 

I think if you managed to get your hands on a good Unstable Arcanocrystal, Eye of Guarm with Crit on it, or a world quest AGI/Crit stat stick trinket you'll find that you have a bit more Fury to play around with. Even if they are lower item level, they provide a smoothing quality that proc trinkets typically don't.

Your other option is to swap out of Demon Blades talent for one of the alternatives. This will mean you have to spam Demon's Bite, but it will give you more direct control over your Fury generation, and it will help you avoid having low up-time on bosses. 


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