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Does anyone know what is considered the BiS leggos for Shadow ATM?

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You can´t say there is one or two "BiS" leggys. there are so many cases where is one better than another.

Overall are Anund's Seared ShacklesAnund's Seared Shackles still good in most fights. 
When you can trigger it and in M+  Sephuz's SecretSephuz's Secret is one of the best.
For single target are Mangaza's MadnessMangaza's Madness and then  Zeks ExterminatusZeks Exterminatus very good. 

ar Dot cleaving like the first boss in NH The Twins' Painful TouchThe Twins' Painful Touch is helpful.

Mother Shahraz's SeductionMother Shahraz's Seduction and Zenk'aram, Iridi's AnademZenk'aram, Iridi's Anadem are good as well but mostly there are others better 

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