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Holy Paladin rotation

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I've got 2 wonderful legendaries, the Magnam Opus and the Stone Spaulders which individually are great but together suck all kinds of badness. I've been ttrying to work out how to keep them both as the alternative I have is Sephuz's secret, not really ideal. 


So the concept is to use the bubble from the Opus as a healing reserve, using light of the martyr frequently until I start taking significant damage, then holy shock and either flash/holy light on myself or light of dawn to top myself off. This gives me the full benefit of the bubble, and the extra healing from the Spaulders using instant-cast or speed enhanced spells. It seems to work ok, I've been considering throwing in Aura of Sacrifice as well, but that seems to be taking a risk a little too far. I'm currently using Aura of Mercy.

Are there any other alternatives out there apart from the vanilla setup?

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I've been using this the last 3 weeks or so since the OP, and it does seem to work as planned. It's fairly mana-efficient and on the numbers I've seen [spada, not logs] it helps keep my overhealing down quite well. [good for certain mythic mods] 

I haven't used Aura of Sacrifice too much, as I find that with NH HC I'm taking damage fairly early on anyway from the martyrs. I play a melee healer usually, so I really should consider Devotion Aura.

It's certainly a viable spec, with the added bonus of never having to sit around and wait to finish casting a spell, you can always cast on the move.

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