Tomb of Sargeras - Maiden of Vigilance Boss Preview

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Maiden of Vigilance is the seventh boss inside the Tomb of Sargeras raid. We're looking at her abilities and loot tables.

Overall, it's a fun encounter. The key is to stand near players with the same buff (Light InfusionLight Infusion or Fel InfusionFel Infusion) and during fragment collection, you need to collect fragments that match your color, otherwise it will trigger Unstable SoulUnstable Soul. You can get rid of it by jumping inside the pit (Aegwynn's WardAegwynn's Ward) when Unstable SoulUnstable Soul is just about to expire. The timing's crucial and may take some practice, because if you jump too soon, you'll die.

Maiden of Vigilance

Charged by Aegwynn to defend the Tomb of Sargeras, the Maiden of Vigilance has stood watch for hundreds of years. Yet, the guardian did not forsee what effect that avatar's seeping fel energy would have on this titan construct Slowly warped by this maleficence, the Maiden now seeks to destroy any in her path.


The Maiden of Vigilance has been partially corrupted by the Legion, and wields both Holy and Fel magic in equal proportion.

Periodically, all players will be infused with either Light InfusionLight Infusion or Fel InfusionFel Infusion. When players with opposing auras move too close together, the magics within them will react, triggering Unstable SoulUnstable Soul.

Unstable SoulUnstable Soul is also triggered by touching Fragments or taking damage from Hammers of an opposite element from your Infusion.

A3YYU72.png In Mythic difficulty, Fragments not collected by players will trigger Fragment BurstFragment Burst

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers

nACJhxi.png Healers

  • Don't stand near allies with the opposite Infusion aura.
  • Dive into the pit when Unstable SoulUnstable Soul is about to expire to keep from damaging allies with the explosion.
  • Collect stacks of either Creator's GraceCreator's Grace or Demon's VigorDemon's Vigor by touching fragments that match your Infusion during Watcher's Wrath.
  • Damage from Wrath of the CreatorsWrath of the Creators increases with each wave.

iJc8x9S.png Tanks

  • Don't stand near allies with the opposite Infusion aura.
  • Dive into the pit when Unstable SoulUnstable Soul is about to expire to keep from damaging allies with the explosion.
  • Prevent Hammer of CreationHammer of Creation and Hammer of ObliterationHammer of Obliteration from striking allies with the opposite Infusion.


  • yXEHE6D.png Unstable SoulUnstable Soul - Inflicts 303,500 Fire damage every 2 sec. After 8 sec the target explodes, inflicting 928,500 Fire damage to all allies. The target and allies within 5 yards will also be knocked back. Unstable Soul is triggered by Hammers, Echoes, and Fragments of opposing elements, as well as by coming too close to players with opposite Infusion debuffs. Unstable Soul is also caused directly by Mass InstabilityMass Instability.
  • Aegwynn's WardAegwynn's Ward - An ancient ward protecting the deepest reaches of the tomb prevents Unstable Soul explosions from affecting allies.
  • Fury of the AgesFury of the Ages - Maiden of Vigilance enrages, increasing damage inflicted from all spells and attacks by 100%.
  • Fragment BurstFragment Burst - Inflicts 1,500,000 damage to all players immediately, as well as 550,000 damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. Also applies Ravaged Soul.
    • Ravaged SoulRavaged Soul - Increases Fragment Burst damage taken by 25%.

Stage One: Divide and Conquer

The Maiden of Vigilance infuses and hammers her enemies with both Holy and Fel magic.

  • rJnHTBu.png InfusionInfusion - Infuses players with either Fel Infusion or Light Infusion.
    • Fel InfusionFel Infusion - Infuses a target with Fel energy, inflicting 161,000 Fire damage every 3 sec. After 241,316 sec, moving within 0 yards of an ally with Light Infusion will trigger Unstable Soul.
    • Light InfusionLight Infusion - Infuses a target with Holy energy, inflicting 161,000 Holy damage every 3 sec. After 241,315 sec, moving within 0 yards of an ally with Fel Infusion will trigger Unstable Soul.
  • iJc8x9S.png Hammers - The Maiden imbues her hammer with either Holy or Fel energy and strikes the ground with tremendous force.
    • Hammer of CreationHammer of Creation - Slams the current target with a Holy infused hammer, inflicting 1,430,000 Physical damage. Holy energy then radiates from the hammer, splitting 8,570,000 Holy damage between all targets within 20 yards in a cone in front of the caster. Creates an area of Light Remanence. Fel Infused targets become afflicted with Unstable Soul.
      • Light RemanenceLight Remanence - Remanence left behind by the Maiden's hammer inflicts 350,000 Holy damage every 2 sec. As the remanence decays, it emits Light Echoes.
        • Light EchoesLight Echoes - A blast of Holy energy strikes all players within 4 yards for 350,000 Holy damage. Triggers Unstable Soul for targets with Fel Infusion.
    • Hammer of ObliterationHammer of Obliteration - Slams the current target with a Holy infused hammer, inflicting 0 Physical damage. Fel energy then radiates from the hammer, splitting 8,570,000 Fire damage between all targets within 20 yards in a cone in front of the caster. Creates an area of Fel Remanence. Light Infused targets become afflicted with Unstable Soul.
      • Fel RemanenceFel Remanence - Remanence left behind by the Maiden's hammer inflicts 250,000 Fire damage every 2 sec. As the remanence decays, it emits Fel Echoes.
        • Fel EchoesFel Echoes - A blast of Fel energy strikes all players within 4 yards for 350,000 Fire damage. Triggers Unstable Soul for targets with Holy Infusion.
    • Mass InstabilityMass Instability - Instantly triggers Unstable Soul on up to 3 enemies.
    • Spontaneous FragmentationSpontaneous Fragmentation - Summons a Fragment of Creation or Fragment of Obliteration at the feet of a target enemy with an opposite infusion after 3 sec. The fragment will pursue the target for 10 sec. If not consumed, it will trigger Fragment Burst.

Stage Two: Watcher's Wrath

The Maiden of Vigilance jumps away, shields herself, and buffets the raid with Fragments of Creation and Obliteration.

  • BlowbackBlowback - Stuns all enemies for 6 sec.
  • rJnHTBu.png Titanic BulwarkTitanic Bulwark - Fel Titan creates a shield of Holy energy, absorbing 60,000,000 damage and preventing all interrupts while the shield holds.
  • HPIZR4E.png Wrath of the CreatorsWrath of the Creators - Repeatedly buffets the raid with waves of energy, inflicting 84,000 Holy damage. Each wave will do more damage than the last.
    • yXEHE6D.png Extinguish LifeExtinguish Life - After 30 stacks of Wrath of the Creators the maiden begins to extinguish all nearby life, inflicting 10,000,000 damage to all enemies with each cast.
  • Essence FragmentsEssence Fragments - Emits Fragments of Creation and Obliteration that travel outward from the caster.
    • Grace and Vigor - Collecting Fragments of Creation or Obliteration with a matching infusion will trigger Creator's Grace or Demon's Vigor for nearby allies.
      • Creator's GraceCreator's Grace -Holy energy bolsters a Holy Infused target, increasing damage inflicted by 10% and healing done by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.
      • Demon's VigorDemon's Vigor - Fel energy bolsters a Fel Infused target, increasing damage inflicted by 10% and healing done by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.

Loot Tables

Maiden of Vigilance - Raid Finder Difficulty

For better illustration of the encounter, here's a video.

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