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Hey everyone,

I've been playing with my talents since I got the legendary bracers and 4P bonus and found Lonely Winter to be a pretty noticeable increase in DPS in pretty much every raid fight compared to BC. 

In AoE / Cleave situation the reduced cooldown on frozen orb and the increased damage to blizzard and orb make it worth it. Even on a 2/3 target cleave fight, blizzard is worth casting with arctic gale, reducing Frozen orb's cooldown. 

On single target, with the higher haste we get with gear, my results are pretty much on par with BC.  

I'm not a theorycrafter, I just focus on my own results and it might be interesting if someone could dig more into it and give more informations on the guide? 

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I find that in fights where I'm unable to push to my 2nd frozen orb within IV for whatever reason or situations where you are going to be unable to generate procs consistently (trillax mechanics, krosus hitbox) LW can bridge the gap in damage. 

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