Tier 20 Mythic Sets

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Even though the Tomb of Sargeras won't be open for a while, we previewed all Tier 20 Mythic Sets! Which set is your favorite?

Mythic tints look better than standard Tier 20 Sets. They have more details and some sets even have cool animations. Tier 20 Sets are heavily inspired (HD versions) of existing Tier 6 Sets. Classes that haven't existed before have unique set designs (Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Monks).

Table of Contents

Death Knight 

Tier 20 (Gravewarden Armaments)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses




Demon Hunter 

Tier 20 (Demonbane Armor)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses




Tier 20 (Stormheart Rainment)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses






Tier 20 (Wildstalker Armor)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses

Beast Mastery




Tier 20 (Regalia of the Arcane Tempest)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Xuen's Battlegear)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Radiant Lightbringer Armor)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Vestment of Blind Absolution)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Fanged Slayer's Armor)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Regalia of the Skybreaker)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Diabolic Raiment)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses





Tier 20 (Titanic Onslaught Armor)

Tier 20 Set Bonuses




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wow i love the havoc tier bonus, didn't read it till now

also i lol'd at the mage armor, so fire+frost+arcane = lighting? and its so pokey looking XD. Dev Tier 20 development meeting "alrighty make the gear pokey or strap some wiggly things to it"

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20 hours ago, durdyenglish said:

I can't believe they brought back Gronnstalker for hunter... so ugly.


I love that set! Though they should have brought back the demon one, given it's Legion afterall.

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On 4/21/2017 at 1:10 PM, ChaosDecides said:

I love that set! Though they should have brought back the demon one, given it's Legion afterall.

I'm gonna agree - I do love the Gronn set! It's just ugly enough to look awesome!

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      With Paladins it's all about the core rotation and mitigation, with Consecration being at the heart of the changes, while Priests get a brand new talent, increasing their damage by a flat amount reduced by the number of Atonemets up at the time, as well as more talent reworks.
      Protection Paladin (source)
      A few changes to Protection in an upcoming build. Mostly focused on smoothing out issues in the core rotation and active mitigation.
      Consecration no longer buffs Shield of the Righteous and Light of the Protector Consecration cooldown 4.5s (from 9s) and duration 12s (from 9s), but you can only have one down at once Mastery: Divine Bulwark reduces all damage you take while in Consecration (instead of increasing Shield of the Righteous effectiveness) Avenger's Shield increases the effects (damage and armor) of your next Shield of the Righteous by 20% Consecrated Hammer will be replaced with a new L15 talent
      Listing all at once because they're all pieces of the same goals. First, Avenger's Shield is back to having some baseline defensive value, which pulls the rotation together by making you care about both hit and Hammer of the Righteous other than for pickups/damage.
      Second, Consecration is easier to work with. If you don't have to move, you have to replace it less often, and if you do have to move, you can replace it much more quickly. While standing in Consecration still has some value, your core buttons no longer rely on it, and the loss of mitigation from being outside it is much smaller than Legion. It also provides a small source of baseline magic mitigation.
      Finally, the gap between Shield of the Righteous uptime and downtime, in terms of mitigation, is less dramatic. The previous mastery made that gap get wider and wider as the expansion went on, leading to the problem of increasing moments of vulnerability when active mitigation was down. Shield of the Righteous will now have more consistent value across the expansion. The spec will be tuned expecting slightly lower Shield of the Righteous strength and uptime compared to Legion, which helps avoid the problem where there were windows of very poor mitigation compared to other tanks.
      Discipline Priest (source)
      A few changes for an upcoming beta build.
      New talent: Sins of the Many. Your damage is increased by up to X%, diminishing for each ally with Atonement. Likely location is L75, pushing Lenience to L100, and removing Grace.
      We agree with trying to find a talent that calls to having a smaller number of Atonements out, but are trying a version that still provides some benefit in all situations.
      Grace's concept was generally subsumed by the new mastery (which is seeming successful so far), and stacking Grace on top of mastery led to huge variance in the strength of Shadow Mend and Power Word: Shield casts. Making that choice with mastery is a better place than making it with a talent that was essentially required in some types of content.
      The talent rearrangement should leave L100 as a row of talents that most show their strength when effectively healing a large number of targets, and L75 as a row of talents less focused on that situation.
      Contrition's healing is increased by Power of the Dark Side
      So that Power of the Dark Side remains neutral as to your choice of which mode of Penance to use.
      Mindbender's damage reduced 24%
      It has been unintentionally strong ever since the squish, as many people have observed.
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      Mythrax the Unraveler is the penultimate boss of Uldir and here's a video preview of the encounter by FatbossTV.
      Mythrax the Unraveler
      While questing in Vol'dun, Horde players learn that Sethrak successfully summoned Mythrax to the world. The Horde story in Zandalar culminates in the Zandalar Forever Scenario, where G'huun orders Zul to help him shatter his final seal with the aid of Mythrax.
      Mythrax the Unraveler, Bringer of Oblivion, Slayer of Sethraliss: with his missions complete, he returns to his master's side to await further instruction.
      Mythrax's abilities will trigger Annihilation, reducing players' maximum health. When Annihilation triggers, there is a chance that an Existence Fragment will spawn, allowing the player or her allies to regain that previously lost maximum health.
       Damage Dealers
      Move away from your allies when affected by Imminent Ruin. Avoid having multiple players charmed by the same Oblivion Sphere.  Healers
      Move away from your allies when affected by Imminent Ruin. Breaking multiple targets out of Oblivion Sphere will trigger heavy damage to all players. Avoid having multiple players charmed by the same Oblivion Sphere.  Tanks
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