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Sisters of the Moon

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    • By Stan
      Aeonormu is a new NPC in Dragonflight, which resembles the final boss of Black Morass.
      Reddit user Solsek7 discovered a familiar NPC located in Thaldraszus. Aeonormu resembles Aeonus, the final boss found in the Black Morass dungeon. Currently, the NPC is friendly to both Alliance and Horde players. Do you think it could be him?

      Source: Reddit
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about our Holy Priest Leveling Guide.
    • By Stan
      Tama's Dragonflight Helper is a WeakAura which displays a weekly to-do list in the game.
      The WeakAura provides you with a weekly to-do list, locations of rares and super rares, information about your Renown standing with the four major factions, timers for the weekly events, and more.

      You will find Tama's Dragonflight Helper over at wago.io. Please note that you must first download and install WeakAuras 2 to import the string.
    • By Starym
      Another large batch of hotfixes arrive, with many class, quest, dungeon, reputation fixes and more. Luckily there are no fixes for the current Corrupted Blood 2.0 incident going on!
      December 7 (Source)
      Black Market Auction House
      Fixed an issue where players at max level could not use the Black Market Auction House. Classes
      Hunter Fixed an issue where Sentinel Owl would remove Rogues from Stealth. Monk Windwalker Fixed an issue where Transfer the Power was gaining multiple stacks from a single Rising Sun Kick. Paladin Fixed an issue where Seal of the Crusader was increasing all Holy damage taken by the target instead of just the caster’s Holy damage. Priest Holy Fixed an issue causing Answered Prayers to not be removed when extending Apotheosis. Rogue Subtlety Secret Technique can now correctly trigger Alacrity. Shaman Enhancement Fixed an issue causing Maelstrom Weapon to not stack past 8 stacks with Raging Maelstrom. Creatures and NPCs
      Fixed the positions of several enemies in the Fetid Encampment so that they are no longer blocked by the environment. Dungeons and Raids
      Ruby Life Pools Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein Fixed an issue where Kyrakka could attack unintended targets when she lands. Fixed an issue that could prevent Flaming Embers from correctly inflicting damage. Shrine of the Storm Tidesage Council Multiple adjustments were made to Slicing Blast on Normal difficulty to require fewer interrupts from players still in the leveling process. Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Fixed an issue that was preventing Death Knights from returning to the dungeon using Death Gate. Items and Rewards
      The Bottomless Reliquary Satchel trinket now provides primary stats. Greater Obsidian Key will no longer vanish upon leaving the Obsidian Citadel. Fixed an issue where Waking Earth and Waking Fire were unable to be used when spawned outside the Waking Shores. Increased affected area of Tome of Unstable Power to 8 yards (was 5). Fixed an issue where the Darkmoon Deck: Dance was removing players’ shapeshift. Fixed an issue where Missingway Hand Cannon was incorrectly categorized as a bow. Pet Battles
      Fixed an issue where the Snowclaw Cub could not be summoned from the Pet Journal. Player versus Player
      Classes Druid Guardian Den Mother (PvP Talent) now affects raid and party members. Items Assembly Guardian's Ring absorption reduced by 60% in PvP combat. Assembly Scholar's Loop damage reduced by 60% in PvP combat. Assembly Preserver's Band heal reduced by 60% in PvP combat. Quests
      The Azure Span Fixed an issue where the Artifact Locator would remain after completing “Can’t Have These.” Dragonflight Campaign Fixed an issue causing “Renown of Dragon Isles” and “Open Orientation” to not be available to alts who have not completed the Thaldrazus storyline, preventing them from completing the endgame campaign. Jewelcrafting Mundane Gems now correctly drop from Djaradin enemies during “Mundane Gems, I Think Not!” Obsidian Citadel Fixed an issue where Osoria’s Assistance would remain in player’s inventory after completing “Hands-Off Operation.” Ohn’ahran Plains Fixed an issue with “Second Challenge of Tyr: Might” where the second objective incorrectly directed players to speak with the Projection of Tyr and has been corrected to the Maiden of Inspiration. Thaldraszus World Quests Fixed an issue where freeing Imprisoned Travelers during “Rebel Concerns” was not correctly providing credit. Fixed an issue with “Hydro Tuskarr” where switching watershoes caused the extra action button to disappear. Fixed the visual for Watergliders and Waterwalkers when they are equipped during “Hydro Tuskarr.” Fixed an issue where the Sneaky Youngster could be interacted with multiple times during “Hide and Seek.” The Waking Shores The amount of Impressive Dragon Skulls required to complete Tarjin’s Tale reduced to 5 (was 25). Reputation
      Iskaara Tuskarr Map icons for the Community Feast should now display for eligible alts. Valdrakken Accord Players who have reached renown rank 26 or higher with Valdrakken Accord will now unlock armor for all four dragonriding drakes when they enter Thaldraszus.
    • By Starym
      The Dragon Isles truly are dangerous as it seems we're on the precipice of another Corrupted Blood incident! Many players are reporting a spreading disease, a little different and less deadly this time, but seemingly no less contagious!
      This time around we have a more psychological plague to deal with, as Contagious Cowardice is affecting NPCs and players alike! Many rare elites on the Dragon Isles use the debuff, and it seems something went wrong with limiting it, much the same was as the original Corrupted Blood incident years ago.
      This one is very different from the original, however, as the damaging part of the debuff doesn't seem to be working in sanctuaries like cities, so we most likely won't be seeing the seas of corpses we did back in the original plague. There is a new damaging effect this time though, and it's for your ears - as the debuff has a distinct and unpleasant sound, which gets amplified as more and more players around you have it.
      Plenty of players have been reporting the situation, and it seems mostly contained to Valdrakken at the moment, so it hasn't spread through portals... yet (and hopefully it can't), but some players have been spreading it around outside as well.
      It only doesn't do damage if you are within a sanctuary. Once you leave town with it the damage starts. With some guild assistance we managed to drag it to a few areas where crowds gather such as the Community Feast (though this is a sanctuary, it's fun seeing the mass circles) and to people waiting for the Siege of Dragonbane Keep. - Daevii
      Contagious Cowardice is a debuff applied by some rares around the Dragon Isles. It spreads from player to player, just like Corrupted Blood did all those years ago. Fortunately, Blizzard seemed to have learned from last time and it's not doing any damage if you're in a sanctuary - but it is jumping between people and spreading, and when it does so, it makes a huge noise! It gets pretty deafening somewhere full of afk people, like say, the auction house... : ( - Eschamali
      And here's a refresher on the original Corrupted Blood incident:

      So let's see just how far this particular plague gets and just how cowardly players can be!
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