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HonestRating - Resto Druid iLVL893

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Hello Everyone,

This will be my first attempt at seeking feedback/critisism on my method on playing my main which is a resto druid, Sorry for long post!


Ive been playing WoW on and off for about 2 years now (mostly tanking). Now recently I started getting back into WoW and I really like the healing class. I like the excitement of keeping people alive and all the stress that comes with that.

Now I have been gearing extremely slowly since I did not really play alot, but recently im averaging about 2hours a day (Mon - Thursday) and then prob at least 3 hours a day on weekends.

Most of my gear I obtained through mythics and the occational lfr/normal/heroic NH raid and thus I am currently iLVL893.

I got the basics of resto druid builds from icy veins, MadSkillzzTV youtube videos and some  FinalBossTV  with some random youtube videos in between,

Stats Weigh

Ok first of all, I like raiding alot more than mythic dungeons, mainly the fact of watching method vids on world first and things like that.

In raid enviroment, It seems trying to balance all stats a bit more evenly than just focusing on 1 type of stat.

Currently I am trying to boost my mastery a bit more, and bring my crit strike down since as of this post my current stats are as follows:

1. Critical Strike 26%

2. Haste 22%

3. Mastery 15%

4.Versitlity 3%


LVL15 - Cen Ward

LVL30 - Displacer Beast

LVL45 - Feral Affinity

LVL60 - Typhoon

LVL75 - Cultivation

LVL90 - Germination

LVL100 - Flourish

Rate my healing:

So first of all, I have been using warcraft logs to try and improve my hps and compaing them to other healers of the same raid. It seems like in the example I will be providing links for, I am doing an okay job. (Until I see your feedback :D, JK)

Now the example I am using, is naturally one of my better fights, but really looking for some info regarding where I can improve even more.

Ok so first, here is my armory link

Wow Armory

Here is the fight log for Heroic Skorpyron

Warcarft Log

I used shadowplay to record the fight. Will upload tonight and link when its done.









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Now the example I am using, is naturally one of my better fights

You do understand that it would have been better to pick an average/standard fight to actual find issues in your gameplay ?

Here's a suggestion for improvements: now that we all know that yo'ure capable of providing high HPS output, which is a good thing ,try to ignore the HPS metter and improve in other areas. You know what would really help you raid ? discuss with other healers and help them :)


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Depends what you mean by rating your healing 
Can we even do this using HPS? what does HPS actually mean?
And does high HPS = good healing? 
I'd say not necessarily 

More important things I'd argue
Do you stay alive till the end of the fight? If you are dead you can't heal :)
Do you keep the tanks alive?
Do you keep the folks with highest DPS alive?

Good healing isn't really a numbers game IMO, sure you need a certain amount of 'healing power' to be able to heal through levels of content but being a good healer isn't about HPS for me :)

If you look at the warcraft logs site and see the top HPS healers, they have created scenarios in which they can push big numbers - solo healing for example.

From the log that you posted I'd say you could cast Flourish and Essence of G'hanir more often - apart from that it looks like you are doing a good job 

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On 6/9/2017 at 8:53 PM, spidepig said:


By using one of my better logs I know what I am capable of as a player, thus asking for feedback to increase that even more? :)

I would still disagree :o)

As I said, it only establishes that you can provide a high HPS output. Which is very important, don't get me wrong ! However if you have that much HPS (especially compared to other healers in the raid) every fight, it means there's something wrong in the raid, like:

1/ dsp taking too much damage by ignoring mechanics

2/ other healers doing terribly wrong

3/ you, playing the HPS meter instead of the raid survival (yes sometimes it's in conflict)

Looking at your logs, your healing is good, you can clean the HM content easily with these numbers. But you asked how could you improve, well, apart from what has already been said, are you ready to sacrifice some HPS on Skada to become a better healer ? You should be ready to do so.

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