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Returning player looking for healer class suggestion!

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So, haven't played in a while (halfway through the previous expansion, got tired of playing farmville with the strongholds and having my dungeon experiences ruined by a sudden wave of bad community members on my server). Now, after a lot of nagging from a couple of colleagues, I'm thinking of going back to Azeroth, but not without knowing what class I would play.

My main used to be shammy (up until WOTLK, where I left for a few years) due to loving the whole "pull with a lightning then fist him with procs in melee". This is not possible anymore due to the new specs system, so I tried pally. Liked/hated the fact he's so OP, so the game felt terribly easy and boring, being a huge reason as to why I left again.

Now, I'm interest in knowing what class would be for me, considering:

- I love to main healer
- I dislike being super mobile
- Prefer tank healer instead of party/raid healing
- Dislike raids, prefer difficult dungeons
- Prefer reactive instead of predictive healing
- Prefer shields and procs to HoTs
- Absolutely dislike DoTs
- Would like to have fun levelling

Because of this, and after some research, I think Mistweaver or Disc Priest could be for me, but considering levelling a Priest is a PITA, I was thinking of levelling Monk and/or boosting Priest.


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your list more describes a Holy paladin perhaps you should try that i know when i'm tanking i'm always sad without a Hpally in raid they can heal me from low to full in 1-2 casts

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The only healer I've ever played to level cap is the holy paladin, which admittedly has superb burst healing if you can amass enough crit from heirlooms/enchants/whatever. I have to admit that the paladin leveling is somewhat more bland than average. But as a healer, it satisfies me beyond imagination in difficult situations. It is 100% reactive indeed, but it does benefit well from positioning, as the mastery will increase your healing output by a massive 40% on average when you're in close vicinity.

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