Nether Disruptor: Seal Your Fate & World Boss Apocron

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The highly-antipated Nether Disruptor perk Seal Your FateSeal Your Fate has arrived in Europe (US at 92%) and players can get a free Seal of Broken Fate each day the Nether Disruptor is active. Don't forget to get your Seals for Tomb of Sargeras bonus rolls!

The quests start at Maggie "Slither" Masterson at the Nether Disruptor and those extra Seals go beyond the standard cap.

World Boss Apocron


Every time the Nether Disruptor is up in your region, its permanent perk (Epic HunterEpic Hunter) spawns a Broken Shore World Boss that drops item level 900 loot and this time, Apocron's on rotation.

Apocron Loot Tables

Completing the Apocron World Quests grants 500 with the Armies of Legionfall faction. Farming reputation beyond exalted is still a thing, especially if you're interested in Paragon rewards, such as Orphaned FelbatOrphaned Felbat in this case.

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