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Too many trinkets too many options

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Hello friends, I have no clue what trinkets to use and simcraft seems to be telling me the highest dmg output is from convergance and eye of command but I wanted to get a 2nd opinion from you guys. 

Here are the trinkets I have at my disposal currently.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=140790/claw-of-the-crystalline-scorpid&bonus=3443:1467  905 ilvl

http://www.wowhead.com/item=151190/specter-of-betrayal&bonus=3561:1492  915 ilvl 

http://www.wowhead.com/item=140806/convergence-of-fates 885 ilvl

http://www.wowhead.com/item=142167/eye-of-command&bonus=1826:1437 905 ilvl 

http://www.wowhead.com/item=147010/cradle-of-anguish&bonus=3561:1482 920 ilvl 


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My input is that specter of betrayal feels clunky and unstable. You need to be in the same spot for a long time for it to ramp up and be good so you can get the 2 hits off in a short time-frame.

Cradle of anguish looks strong on paper but in practice it's only good on farm bosses and/or bosses you know you won't fall below that 80-50% health. For example on mythic progress it's unlikely you can keep the buff up for it to be relevant.

Eye of command is a very strong stat stick on paper because on sims you sim single target - 1 target only. This means that the sim will say you will have the crit up for about 99.99% of the time (have to build the stacks up first, which isn't going to take long). So it makes sense your simcraft says that's the strongest trinket.

Convergence is duration dependant. How long do you sim a fight for? If Convergence allows you an extra wings (Crusade) it's very strong and most likely going to beat other trinkets unless they far out-ilvl it. 

In practice I suggest you the following:

-Use convergence on a fight where you expect a kill-duration that would allow you an extra wings where as without convergence you wouldn't be allowed an extra one.

-Use cradle of anguish on fights you are certain you won't ever fall below 80-50% health.

-Use eye of command on fights where you can focus the same boss/target for a long period of time so you don't keep losing your stacks.

-Use crystalline scorpid on lots of target switching fights/ AoE / cleave fights. (Instead of eye of command) -OR- a short single target fight where Convergence wouldn't benefit you an extra wings.


Long single target fight / progress fight: Convergence + Eye of command.

Long aoe/cleave/target swap fight / progress fight: Convergence + Crystalline Scorpid.

Long single target fight - farm boss / low incoming damage: Convergence + Cradle of anguish.

Short single target fight / progress fight: Eye of command + Crystalline Scorpid.

Short single target fight - farm boss / low incoming damage: Eye of command + Cradle of anguish.

Basically the only trinket I would rule out would be the specter. It's very dangerous to be forced to stand in one place for too long for optimal trinket usages because most if not all fights require moving in and out of places at regular intervals to not fuck over yourself or a raid member.

Hope this helps a bit. I agree retri trinkets require a lot of theory and are fight dependant. There's no set-in-stone baseline option to use on all fights.


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