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Hi guys I came today because I really need your Help, I play as a Druid almost 5 years, I can honestly said that I'm not a pro player with my class,  I'm not playing with the Top guilds of my realm but I can say that I'm an average player, However now I want to be better than that, thats why Im here today.

I usually play as Balance or Resto Depending of the Expantion and also what my core or guild needs, it was ok until the last patch,  things started to go wrong on legion, I'm always in the bottom of Dps an also Healing, and I dont understand whats going on, I check the icy veins guide, I check youtube videos I have check the talents, stats an logs of the pro players an anything seems to be working.

If we talk about Dps my guild is composse by Mages, wars, DH, Rogues, Locks, , I know that these classes can do more DPS than balance but I'm Pretty sure that I can do it better.

My main spec is Balance I have 58 traits on weapon and I have different items to choose 2 pieces from tier 20 and some good trinkets or thats what I guess. U can check my stats and logs here and please tell me what am I doing Wrong I will really appreciate it.




An Well talking about Resto I have the same problem, But i think that the main problem are my stats, I know that in this Patch the stats are Intellect - Haste - Crit (For Raid) - mastery (Mythic+), but I also believe that i can do it better, I have 52 traits o healer weapon and I reach 924 ILVL of gear depending of the gear pieces that I decide to use, talking about raids I only reach the 600 k of healing and the other druid healer of my guild easily does 800k or more, on mythic + I barely reach 500k of healing I dont understand whats going on T-T, as i said before perhaps my stats are wrong because I have 35% of haste 22% of mastery, and barely 15% of crit, I really need your help please, I have never ask for help in a forum, but i decided to improve the way that I play I need ur help guys, Thank u very much.



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