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Hey, I'm looking looking to recruit a Witch Doctor to join me and my wizard partner... I'm gonna be starting my season tomorrow, first timer here for seasons, but I've been playing the game on console for a couple years now. But am switching over to pc, I'm looking for a pet army partner. I'm going to be a tanky, but also crowd controlling, ice leapquake barbarian, and my friend is going to be a Firebird channeling wizard, so I need someone with an army to help take down white mobs as well as gang up on the elites... requests welcome. And just so everyone knows, I'm east coast USA, I work generally till 4:30pm and get home from work a little after 5pm. So my online time will be from about 5:20-5:30 until roughly 8:30pm daily during the week. Only exceptions are when my one buddy comes over and we do another video game together, but that's just once, maybe twice a week depending. But with all that, I'm an efficient fast moving player, I always find time to level up and gear other times too, even a bit in the morning before work. I'm open for all requests, and am looking mainly for a WD partner, thanks a lot, take care fellow Nephalems!!!

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