545 Destro Lock Reforging help for MAX Raiding DPS

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Could someone help me? I simmed my destro lock tonight Decayn and acccording to SImCraft my stat priority was haste, crit, mastery. Yet when I look at Zagams armory and use reforgelite addon it is clear they are both reforging with mastery as the highest stat. Which is right for me? I first reforged according to the SImCraft tonight for Haste, Crit them Mastery and changed it back to Mastery.. not sure which is right.


thanks for your help!





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From what I've seen lately, SimC is not updated with current 5.4 hotfixes, stat priorities, etc. It's still going off 5.3 info. I get H > C > M from sims too but that's clearly in error.


AFAIK you want M > C > H generally for multi-target build until/unless Blizz changes something (again).

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Don't copy my profile.  It's crafted for Bloodlust, Tempus Repit, Berserking, and Dark Soul breakpoints.  Mastery loads are specificed because I play Destro on any fight where Mastery would be best.  For Affliction, my weird-looking Haste value actually has meaning when we pull on a fight with Bloodlust.  It's best that I don't get into that one lol

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